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Sprint announces LTE service in 45 more cities!

Sprint has flipped the switch on LTE service in 45 more markets today. That bring's the carrier's total LTE coverage to 230 markets. LTE coverage from Sprint is now available in Lexington, Kentucky, New Haven, Connecticut, and Spokane, Washington. Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, N.Y. now have LTE coverage as well. Sprint also says that their 3G service has been improved with better signal strength and call quality.

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Nine regional carriers getting new iPhones on October 1

Nine regional carriers in the U.S. have announced that they will start selling the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c starting next Tuesday, October 1. These carriers are:

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Vector 8: Sascha Segan on the fastest mobile networks

Sascha Segan, lead mobile analyst at PC Magazine, talks to Rene about the evolution of data connections, the annual Fastest Mobile Networks survey, the triumphs and tragedies of modern carriers, and why we can't always have nice phones.

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AT&T adds two new tiers to their Mobile Share plans

AT&T announced two additions to it's Mobile Share plans, a 300MB tier and a 2GB tier. The 300MB tier is aimed more at basic tiers, while the 2GB plan, at $50 per month, is meant to give more flexibility to those customers that need more than 1GB, says AT&T.

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Sprint intros new unlimited plans, guarantee

Sprint has introduced a new service plan called the Unlimited, My Way plan, along with a guarantee that users of this plan will continue to receive unlimited service for as long as their line remains active with Sprint. The program is open to both new and exisiting users, and offers either 1GB of data for $20 per month, or unlimited data for $30, on top of a $50 for unlimited talk and text.

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T-Mobile US raises down payment price of iPhone 5 to $149 very, very quietly

T-Mobile US has quietly raised the minimum down payment on the iPhone 5 from $99 to $149. When announcing iPhone availability at the end of March, little a word said about the fact that the initial $99 price tag for the 16GB iPhone 5 was a limited time promotional offer.

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Apple reportedly having trouble signing new carriers, high subsidies an issue

With potentially billions of customers on the line, Apple is reportedly having trouble negotiating with wireless providers in emerging markets like Russia and China, and in established markets like Japan. The carriers are, apparently, holding out for better terms from Apple than those currently enjoyed by carriers in United States under the subsidy model. Bloomberg reports:

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U.S. Cellular will begin selling Apple products later this year

U.S. Cellular, the fifth-largest carrier in the United States, will start selling Apple products later this year. Announcing their Q1 financial results, the carrier said that they hope that adding Apple products to their lineup will help convice people to switch.

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If cable companies said true things

The saddest part of this video by Extremely Decent Films [NSFW-L] isn't that it's true, or that it's supported by our governments, or that it's merely representative of many anti-consumer media and technology infrastructure oligopolies, but that we tolerate it to exist.

Does this sound like your cable company? Your cell carrier? When did that become okay?

Source: Extremely Decent Films via The Loop, thanks Anthony!

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European regulators are looking into Apple’s carrier agreements over antitrust fears

European regulators are looking into Apple’s deals with European carriers over antitrust fears. The European union were supposedly contacted by several cellphone carriers that sell the iPhone after they claimed that the deals throttled competition. The complaints are believed to have come from French carriers however other countries may be involved too. The news comes for The New York Times who have been speaking with people familiar with the matter.

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