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There's a thriving grey market for half-price cellphone plans in Canada

There's an increasingly popular method to save money on cellphone plans in Canada: using "underground" third-party dealers to arrange plans unavailable to those in the most populated provinces.

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Fido customers can now roam worry free in the U.S. and other international destinations

Fido has introduced Fido Roam to its Pulse plans, which allows customers to roam in the U.S. and other international destinations without worrying about the cost. For the U.S. it is a flat $5 per day, and other destinations are $10 per day.

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Which Canadian carrier should you get: Rogers, Bell, or Telus?

Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Fido, Virgin, Koodo and more — how to pick the perfect Canadian iPhone carrier for you!

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Rogers voice network down in Canada. Panic ensuing. Politely.

Rogers, one of the big three Canadian carriers, and its budget-branded subsidiary, Fido, are experiencing severe, nationwide voice network outages at the moment. Several of us here at iMore can't place calls at all, though data still works fine. It's supposedly coming back up, but we've not seen it yet. As you can imagine, Canadians depending on their cell phone service are in a bit of a panic. Albeit with traditional politeness.

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Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Virgin Mobile, and Koodo unveil new voice and data plans just in time for the iPhone 5 release

With preorders for the newly announced iPhone 5 off and running, folks in Canada may have noticed their carriers taking their sweet time to roll out new plans to go with it. While many of the carriers already offered 6GB data plans for fairly reasonable prices, they've now gone ahead and sweetened the deal by offering voice, data and other features to encourage you to give them your hard earned cash. That includes Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Virgin Mobile and Koodo.

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iPhone 5 will be available at Bell, TELUS, Rogers, Fido, Koodo and Virgin Mobile in Canada

For Canadians looking to get their hands on a new iPhone 5, there will be no shortage of carriers to choose from. Along with the big three, a lot of their subsidiary providers will be on board as well for the launch.

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Fido lights up LTE in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and St. John’s

Canada's Fido network has just announced that LTE is now live and streaming ultra-fast data in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and St. John’s. Their first device will be a mobile hotspot, but given the new iPad is carrier unlocked and LTE ready, and that the rumored iPhone 5 is rumored to have an LTE radio, it's not hard to imagine more options for Apple mobile device owners in the near future.

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Rogers: 80% of iPhone 4 activations were to existing customers

Rogers, the first Canadian carrier to offer the iPhone, put out a statement today saying 4 out of 5 iPhone 4 activations on their network went to existing customers. They're also extending some of their promotions for those who haven't yet snagged an iPhone 4 but might want to take advantage of them, especially the 6GB/$30 data plan. Act fast.

When Rogers/Fido launched the iPhone 4 on July 30, we announced special offers for our new and existing customers. Since then, we have activated a significant number of devices with 80 per cent having gone to our existing customers.

These special offers were scheduled to expire on Sept. 30, but we have some good news to share.

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Rogers: only 2 iPad data plans. No $20 "sharing" plan. No Fido.

TiPb contacted Rogers to get some clarification about that $20 "add to existing data plan" option that was listed on today as part of the Canadian iPhone pre-order launch, and Rogers was kind enough to respond:

We've confirmed that we have two iPad data plans available for our customers. Both the 250 MB for $15 and 5 GB for $35 include free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots.

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Rogers and Fido to Keep iPhone Tethering Free (with some Caveats)

Rogers (and subsidiary Fido) announced today via their RedBoard blog that the initial free tethering promotion for the iPhone would become the official policy going forward -- free tethering for everyone. Almost.

Effective immediately, tethering will continue to be included at no additional charge for Rogers and Fido customers who subscribe to data plans of 1 GB and above (excluding those listed below).

"Those listed below" are:

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