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Griffin's new iPad Air case will take a beating and still stand tall

Griffin has released a new case for the iPad Air, the Survivor Slim. The iPad Air case is supposed to protect your iPad from drops and damage to the screen, while also being slim enough to fit in a bag or backpack. It comes in black and is available for $79.99.

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Griffin's new iPad keyboards come with a wire

The vast majority of physical keyboards sold for iOS devices these days are of the Bluetooth variety, but not the newest keyboards by Griffin. They're wired. The two new keyboards, one with a Lightning Connector, the other the old-school 30-pin dock connector, are meant primarily for educational use, as there's no need to bother with pairing — just plug it in and go.

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Griffin stops by #CESlive to give us a look at their Square compatible Merchant Case

Griffin swung by the #CESlive stage to give John and Georgia some further insight into their latest offerings. They've teamed up with Square to offer the Merchant Case which not only provides great coverage for your device but also make using the Square card reader with it simple and easy.

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Griffin Technology launches Merchant Case, PowerMate, and more at #CESlive

Griffin Technology has a few new products to show off at CES 2014 including the Merchant Case, PowerMate, and Guitar Sidekick. Each product hits a different area of tech but all three make our digitally connected lives a lot easier to manage.

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Griffin draws at a distance with Crayola Light Marker for iPad

iPads are great for kids -- intuitive, interactive, and engaging -- and Griffin continues to expand the possibilities, and the fun, with peripherals like the Crayola Light Marker. With a large crayon stylus that's easy to grip and easy to use, you pair with Griffin's free app and then paint and play to your heart's content with a variety of modes and tools.

It's meant to use in the dark and at a distance, almost like a pointer driven light show. The crayon sends light to your iPad camera, and the camera interprets that and makes it into magic. Check out their CES 2013, and if you have kids, or just like drawing in the dark, let me know what you think.

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Griffin MicConnect lets your XLR microphone make sweet music on your iPhone or iPad

Let's say you have an amazing XLR mic on your big, beefy studio or home recording rig, but you also have an iPad or iPhone and you really want to get that same XLR quality on your way more mobile recording rig, what do you do? Griffin's answer, shown off at CES 2013, is the XLR MicConnect.

The MicConnect supplies phantom power, thanks to AA batteries, and connects via the 3.5mm headphone jack on your iPad or iPad.

I really like the idea of these kinds of accessories, and being able to get the quality on the go that I'm used to at home. If you use an XLR mic, let me know if you're also interested in trying this out.

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Charge five devices from one outlet with the Griffin PowerDock 5

CES 2013 is about to kick off and we are being inundated with new accessories. One of those that really stand out is the Griffin PowerDock 5 which is a counter top charge that can charge up to five devices at the same time from one power outlet. If you live in a home like me, this particular accessory could come in really handy; we currently have three iPads and three iPhones that constantly need charging.

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Griffin Binder Insert Case for iPad review

The Griffin Binder Insert Case for iPad is a brilliant idea. I'm actually shocked I haven't seen more of these! It seems like the prefect accessory for those headed back to school.

The basic idea for the Griffin Binder Insert Case is this -- take an iPad case, press three standard spaced holes along one side, and make it perfectly fit a school or work binder. I love it. There's even a built-in pen holder which you can use for a regular pen to take your paper notes, a stylus to take your iPad notes, or even better, a hybrid stylus pen that lets you do both all in one.

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Hands on with the Griffin Helo TC Assault iPhone controlled helicopter

Live from CES 2012, we take a look at the newer, better, missile-shooting Griffin Helo TC Assault iPhone and Android controlled helicopter. Need we say more?

The Griffin Helo TC Assault will be available in the Spring for $59.99.

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Griffin demonstrates Studio Connect with Midi control

Griffin is here at CES 2012 demonstrating their new Studio Connect peripheral. If you're a musician looking to take recording on the go, the studio connect aims to bring you this with Midi control. The iPad dock adds extra audio inputs and adds Midi connections.

Once you're done you can upload your content to GarageBand or whatever suite you choose. We got a hands on here at CES and while the product lives up to what it says it'll do, it's a bit bulky to carry around form a convenience point of view.

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