Griffin outs case lineup for 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPhone SE

Following Apple's announcement of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE, accessory maker Griffin has outed its lineup of cases for both devices. Both devices have received a lot of attention with a total of four different case styles to choose from.

On the more rugged side of things, Griffin is offering two Survivor series cases for the iPad Pro: Survivor All-Terrain{.nofollow} and Survivor Slim{.nofollow}. As the names suggest, both offer ample protection from drops, with the All-Terrain version coming in slightly bulkier than the Slim. Both cases run $79.

Griffin SnapBook iPad Pro

Griffin has also outed a wrap-around folio case option for the iPad Pro with the SnapBook for $49{.nofollow}, which is also available with a Bluetooth keyboard{.nofollow} for $99. There's also what Griffin calls the AirStrap 360{.nofollow}, which packs a hand strap on the back that also rotates.

Griffin iPhone SE case lineup

As far as the iPhone SE is concerned, Griffin is serving up three rugged Survivor options with the All-Terrain{.nofollow}, Slim{.nofollow} and Core{.nofollow}. Additionally, iPhone SE buyers can get their hands on Griffin's Reveal{.nofollow} case, which features a transparent back to show off your iPhone's colors.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster