Stroll safely with Griffin's Lightrunner Armband for iPhone 6/6S

Armband cases are nothing new, but Griffin's Lightrunner offers more than just a simple way to strap your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 to your arm. The 6 embedded LEDs behind the rubber and neoprene wrapping can be set to stay lit continuously or flash—depending on what you're most comfortable with. Designed to fit arms up to 18-inches around, the attached velcro strap has a little extra give to wrap through the loops on the opposite side.

The exterior of the Lightrunner Case is made of a flexible rubber, including the power button on the right side which activates the red LEDs. Press once for a steady glow, twice for a fast flashing pattern, and once more for a slower flash. Protecting the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 is a clear touch-through window that allows you to utilize the touchscreen perfectly with a precise cutout for the fingerprint scanner.

Installing the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 inside the armband is simple thanks to the wide slot on the neoprene backing. There are a few extra cutouts on both the top and bottom that allow you to access the charging and auxiliary ports, but they require a bit of stretching to get to. The rear camera is also accessible with some manipulation of the neoprene, but it seems easier to just remove the phone from the armband if you absolutely must snap a photo or video.

The LightRunner's LED system is powered by a single CR2032 battery which is included. The cell itself is covered by a plastic door and a neoprene velcro strap on top of that. While Griffin doesn't advertise this armband as being sweat resistant, after a few trail runs with it strapped to my arm I had no problems. When it comes to machine washing, though, that's where you draw the line. It's recommended you hand wash its exterior with mild soap and a damp cloth to avoid damaging the electronic hardware inside.

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Whether you're rocking a Bluetooth headset or your favorite pair of wired headphones, the Griffin LightRunner Armband works great for both. The neoprene is extremely comfortable to wear around the arm and having complete access to the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 touchscreen is a bonus. While the LEDs on both sides aren't particularly bright, it's still noticeable — even at a distance. That alone makes it a safer option for evening activities around high traffic areas. You can pick up the LightRunner Armband for $24.99 straight from Amazon.

Brent Zaniewski

Your friendly neighborhood accessories guru