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Get our Apple Music: The Ultimate Guide ebook!

We've put everything you need to know about Apple Music into our very first ebook, and it's available now on the iBooks Store! And as of Friday, the Amazon Kindle Store, too!

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Apple's new iPhone ads should be called App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store

Chris posted Apple's new "if you don't have an iPhone" ads earlier and they didn't really work for me. Apple usually nails their marketing and these were somehow... qualitatively different. Watching them again I think I figured out why. These weren't commercials for apps, music, or books, not entirely at least. These were, in their latter halves, commercials for App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store. This wasn't Apple differentiating solely based on their playing, listening, and reading experiences. This was Apple showing off their massive and still growing content catalogs, and the ease with which that content can be acquired and enjoyed. And that's fine in theory but in practice they just didn't seem to come off as well as past commercials. At least not to me and I'm an admitted enthusiast.

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iPad TV Commercial Shows iBooks Pricing, NYT Best Seller Button, My Documents, Smudge/Camera

While I was busy enjoying the subtler UI details, AppleInsider noticed that last night's iPad commercial debut showed what might be some of the pricing inside the new iBooks Store:

The commercial showed Sen. Edward Kennedy's "True Compass: A Memoir" for $14.99, the novel "I, Alex Cross" by James Patterson for $12.99, and "Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Journey to Change the World... One Child at a Time" by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin for $7.99.

For comparison, "True Compass" currently sells for $19.25 for the Amazon Kindle, "I, Alex Cross" costs $9.99, and "Three Cups of Tea" costs $7.19.

Whether or not that was final, or merely mocked up pricing for the commercial, remains to be seen.

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Apple Jobs: Music Lost to Thumbplay , Security Gained from Mozilla/Microsoft, Mobile Advertising Wants SDK Manager, iBooks Store Wants Canada and Australia

Lots of movement on the Apple jobs (as in employment, not Steve) front lately, so here's a look at the recent loss of a music exec to Thumbplay, the gain of a security chief from Mozilla (and before that Microsoft), and they're hiring a Mobile Advertising team and an iBooks Store lead for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Regarding iBooks as App Store App, Books Using FairPlay DRM

It's interesting that, since Steve Jobs announced during his iPad keynote that iBooks would be available for download from the App Store, recently there's been some coverage of this as news -- including that the iBooks books will be using Apple's FairPlay DRM.

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