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Dixons and Carphone Warehouse announce merger

As widely reported last week, UK tech retail giants Dixons and Carphone Warehouse have revealed that they are to merge, creating one of the biggest high street technology brands in the country. Dixons CEO Sebastian James announced the news today while reporting trading details for the financial year, according to BBC News.

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U.K. carrier EE raising prices slightly on May 28

The U.K's EE network is set to increase prices by 2.7% — yes, two-point-seven-percent — on May 28, 2014. EE's new terms and conditions allow them to raise prices by the RPI (retail price index — i.e. the rate of inflation) once a year with 30 days notice.

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Where are the international iPad minis with LTE?

Literally seconds after Apple opened pre-orders for the iPad mini I bought a 32GB model in white. That was on October 26. A month ago. Not only hasn't it arrived yet, it hasn't even shipped yet. U.S. iPad minis + LTE began arriving weeks ago but international iPad minis + LTE aren't being treated equally. That's nothing new. Apple famously (or infamously) delayed the release of the original iPad and iPad 2 almost a month outside the U.S. But with the iPad mini, the international Wi-Fi only versions were available for delivery and purchase day and date with U.S. versions. It's only the LTE (or cellular, if your carrier doesn't support LTE) versions that seem to be MIA.

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iPhone 5 in the UK - EE gets a hero phone for its 4G network

Apple’s 90-plus minute iPhone 5 launch event was packed with details about the new device’s hardware and software, but for viewers in the UK, the most important information was covered in just a few frames of video. As the camera panned over the map of iPhone 5 LTE carriers across the globe, Brits got their confirmation of what many had suspected -- the world’s first 4G iPhone would work on their country's first 4G network.

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Siri support coming to Japan

Apple has just announced from the iPad 3 event that their popular voice assistant, Siri, will be making its way to customers in Japan. It will be part of iOS 5.1 which will be available starting today. Siri will be rolled out in Japan over the next few weeks.

Siri is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and France. This aligns with Apple's plan to roll out Siri to even more countries during 2012.

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International 4G equipped iPads showing up in Apple's inventory

iPads equipped with 4G are showing up in Apple's inventory ahead of the iPad 3 event according to a 9to5Mac source. This would mean that 4G would not only be for US models, but international models as well. This lines up with our recent prediction that the iPad 3 would indeed be equipped with LTE.

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Verizon and AT&T might be getting a 4G LTE iPad 3, but what about the rest of the world?

With up to 38 different 4G LTE frequency combinations at play around the world, Apple would need to offer more than one iPad 3 model in order to support North America as well as Europe, Asia, and Australia

Following not only rumors by nearly every tech blog out there, but sources for both iMore and The Wall Street Journal are saying that the next version of the iPad will almost certainly come in an 4G LTE option. The Wall Street Journal says AT&T and Verizon are sure things, but what about everyone else? Not only is LTE up-and-comer Sprint not mentioned, but neither are carriers in Canada, the UK, or anywhere else in the world. Let's dig in a little to discuss if it would be worth Apple's while to make an iPad to work internationally.

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iTunes TV Shows in the Cloud now available internationally

Just like [iTunes Match], iTunes TV Shows in the Cloud seem to be rolling out internationally. TV Shows in the Cloud, part of Apple's iCloud service, allows users to re-download previously purchased TV Show content to iTunes on Mac or Windows, or iOS devices including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV.

If you're outside the U.S. and you're getting your first fix of iTunes TV Shows in the Cloud, let us know where and how it's working for you

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iTunes Match online music locker launches internationally

iTunes Match seems to be going live internationally right now -- and for real this time, not like yesterday. International iTunes users are now once again getting the sign up page for the iTunes Match. Folks in Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Australia, France, New Zealand and various other regions are reporting successful signs ups for the service.

Not everyone has been successful though. If you're having trouble:

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Apple accidentally launching, revoking international iTunes TV, iTunes Match services

Last week an iTunes TV show menu suddenly started showing up on international Apple TVs, didn't work, and subsequently disappeared. This week iTunes Match suddenly started showing up for international iTunes users, didn't work, and Apple subsequently offered refunds to those who'd tried to purchase it.

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