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Apple temporarily removes 3G-enabled iPhone and iPad devices, with exception of iPhone 4S, from German online store [UPDATE]

Apple has been forced to remove all 3G-enabled iOS devices from its online store in Germany, including the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 WiFi + 3G, due to an injunction won by Motorola Mobility. Foss Patents reports:

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Forums: Launch Center, Location based reminders, Pages and Keynote

With plenty of news happening already this week, we're rolling through content here at iMore. If you happened to miss out on anything, make sure you jump a page or two back and get yourself caught up. Looking for more fun? Need some help? Then the iMore forums is where you want to be. You can register now to get started today and while you're at it, check out some of the threads below:

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Add customization options to 'slide to unlock' text with Slider Pro [Jailbreak]

Slider Pro is a new jailbreak mod in Cydia that lets you customize the 'Slide to unlock' text on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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How to replace a GSM/AT&T iPhone 4 speaker assembly and cellular antenna [Weekly mod]

Having speaker or cellular reception issues on your iPhone 4 and want to DIY repair it yourself? Luckily we can walk you through the process and give you advice on where to get parts and tools from.

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Apple fights off iPhone scalpers in Hong Kong with new lottery reservation system

Apple has put an online lottery reservation system in place for iPhone 4S pre-orders in order to prevent scalpers from reserving iPhones. This comes after initial sales were cancelled due to riots and crowds.

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89% of iPhone shoppers pick iPhone 4S

iFixit iPhone transparent rear panel mod kit review

"iFixit's iPhone transparent rear panel mod let's you give your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S an amazingly distinctive look in a world where tens of millions of them are otherwise all but indistinguishable."

I ordered iFixit's transparent rear panel mod kit + bonus iPhone liberation kit during their Black Friday sale last year because I absolutely adore Ally's weekly iPhone mod columns and I've been dying to try it out for myself. Though the glowing Apple logo mod is my holy grail, this clear back-panel looked great and seemed like an easier mod to start with.

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iPhone makes up 80% of AT&T smartphone sales after selling 7.6 million in Q4

AT&T has reported sales of 7.6 million iPhone units totaling 80 percent of their overall smartphone sales in Q4 2011.

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GelaSkins launches hard cases for iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS

GelaSkins has been quietly selling some funky iPhone skins for a few years now, but they've recently made the big jump to hard cases.

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