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Glympse and Kik team up to help friends share their location

Popular location-tracking service Glympse is announcing a partnership today with Kik Messenger that will bring offer time-limited location sharing between friends. Now you can share your location or request that a friend share their location using Glympse straight from a Kik conversation, found right from inside the app.

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Internet already worried about iOS 7 location tracking, fails to learn from history

iOS 7 will apparently show you locations you've frequented in the past. That's likely still under NDA, but Apple apparently confirmed it. The point of this piece isn't the feature, however, the point is the artificial panic that will no doubt be manufactured around that story by the mix of sensationalist reporting and mainstream users not familiar with how location technology works. Charlie Warzel writes for BuzzFeed:

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Facebook rumored to be launching a ‘Find My Friends’ type app next month

Facebook is rumored to be releasing an app that will help you keep an eye on where your Facebook friends are at any given time. The app which is being compared to Apple’s “Find My Friends” is said to be able to run in the background and can automatically update with a user’s location so friends can easily find them.

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Apple reportedly in negotiations to add Foursquare data to iOS Maps

Apple is reportedly interested in adding data from the popular location-based check-in app, foursqure, to iOS Maps.

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How to grant or deny access to your location with iOS 6 privacy controls

iOS 6 brings with it granular privacy controls so you can now fine tune exactly what built-in and App Store apps can access your location and share it on a pre-app basis. If you prefer not to have any apps accessing your location, you can disable location services altogether. If you don't want your favorite Twitter app to locate you, you can turn it off while still allowing your Weather app or the Camera access.

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Girls Around Me has Foursquare API revoked, pulls out of App Store

Foursquare has revoked API access to the iOS app Girls Around Me, forcing them to take their tracking app down from the Apple App Store. This follows a scathing editorial on Cult of Mac in which the privacy implications of the app were called into question. The Russian developer, i-Free, has since issued a statement claiming  that they've done nothing wrong, and that they're only using APIs on Foursquare and Facebook to enable users to find the names and locations of girls and guys nearby.

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Localmind 2.0 review: Ask questions and get local, expert answers right on your iPhone

Localmind 2.0 uses your iPhone's GPS to help you zero-in on local experts so you can chat with them live and ask them questions about the things that are important to you in your area. If you're familiar with Foursquare and Quora, it's almost a hybrid of those services where you can questions like, "are there any good bars around this restaurant you just suggested?"

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Daily Tip: How to share a map location via Email, Messages or Twitter

If you ever need to share your current location or any particular location you fancy when using the Maps app you can. It is very easy to do but can also be a very powerful way to help your friends find you or find a location that interests them that you want to share. Follow along and we will show you how easy it is to do it.

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Apple reviewing DUI checkpoint apps upon US Senate request

During yesterday's Senate subcommittee hearing on location tracking, Apple was asked why they haven't pulled a number of DUI checkpoint apps like Fuzz Alert which notify users of nearby law-enforcement checkpoints.

Four U.S. Senators, including Sen. Charles Schumer, sent letters to Apple, Google and Research in Motion in March requesting that the companies remove apps notifying users of police sobriety checkpoints their respective application stores. Schumer raised the issue again at Tuesday's Senate subcommittee hearing on privacy.

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Verizon set to put warning stickers on all phones that may provide location information

Verizon has issued a written response to Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey’s call for answers on the recent revelations that phones may provide your location data without your knowledge. The letter written by Peter B. Davidson, who is the Senior Vice President of Federal Government Relations at Verizon, goes into detail on how Verizon goes to great lengths to inform and protect its customers from revealing their location data to third parties.

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