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Monument Valley 2 — Everything you need to know!

Monument Valley 2 isn't just a rehash of the old game as it throws in new mechanics for the player to deal with, including controlling different characters! Here's a look at everything you need to know!

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WWDC gaming news: Monument Valley just got a sequel!

The critically acclaimed indie game Monument Valley just got a sequel and you can download it on the App Store right now!

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Monument Valley Lego set could become a reality, with enough support

A new proposal on the Lego Ideas platform could make the puzzles of Monument Valley to your bare hands as a Lego set

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Free App of the Week: Puzzle through impossible architecture in Monument Valley

Every week in the App Store, an app or game goes free for seven days. This week, take on one of the most highly praised mobile games ever with Monument Valley.

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Monument Valley, one of the best mobile games ever, is now free on iPhone and iPad

Monument Valley, the excellent puzzle mobile game from developer ustwo, is currently free for the iPhone and iPad. The game normally costs $3.99 from the iOS App Store.

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Monument Valley update will bring 'Ida's Dream' expansion to all players for free on June 25

Monument Valley players are in for a treat this week, as developer ustwo will push an update to the game on June 25 that will bring the Ida's Dream expansion to everyone for free.

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Monument Valley takes the top prize at 11th annual Mobile Gaming Awards

The popular and critically acclaimed puzzle game won the "Grand Prix" prize for best mobile game of 2014 on Tuesday night as part of the 11th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards.

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Monument Valley Forgotten Shores: Levels 5-8 walkthrough

Forgotten Shores is the latest expansion pack to Monument Valley, a beautifully designed puzzle game in which you are in charge of guiding Ida, the silent princess, through many different lands. We've already walked you through the first four levels so here's the final walkthrough of Forgotten Shores for anyone who's gotten stuck along the way!

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Monument Valley Forgotten Shores: Levels 1-4 walkthrough

In Monument Valley, you're tasked with guiding Ida, the silent princess, through strange and beautiful lands by solving challenging puzzles. The new expansion pack, Forgotten Shores features eight brand new appendixes for you to explore and work your way through. To find solutions and outsmart the mischievous Crow People, however, you'll have to learn to look at things differently. If you get stuck, that's where iMore comes in. Follow along for a step by step walkthrough of the first four chapters of the Forgotten Shores expansion pack.

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Review: Monument Valley's Forgotten Shores expansion is a triumph

When it comes to gaming, in-app purchases are a tricky thing. Some games use Apple's mechanism to wrest more cash out of you to complete levels faster; others enrich the game experience with new costumes and player characters; others still use the in-app purchase to build off the original game.

It's that last option that has come to Monument Valley, ustwo's brilliantly-constructed architectural puzzler. The Escher-homaging app first appeared on the iOS App Store in April, winning a number of awards shortly thereafter — including Apple's own prestigious Design Award at the 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference.

Monument Valley was one of my own favorite iOS games to play back in April, and I've been eagerly awaiting its expansion ever since I heard rumors of its existence a few months back. Was it worth the wait and the $2 purchase? Oh, architectural gods, yes.

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