Monument Valley 2 — Everything you need to know!

Monument Valley 2 is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed game Monument Valley developed by ustwo games.

If you loved the first Monument Valley, the second one gives you everything you loved about the puzzle game; beautiful 3D puzzles that are challenging and will force you to change your perspective, an eerie but gorgeous soundtrack that adds to the overall experience, and a compelling story that's told with very few words.

Monument Valley 2 isn't just a rehash of the old game as it throws in new mechanics for the player to deal with, including controlling different characters! Here's a look at everything you need to know!

The Objective

Your primary goal is to solve each puzzle you encounter and make it to the final destination, which is typically a door, but on occasion, it's something else.

How you going about solving each puzzle is going to be different depending on the obstacles in front of you. You tap around on the screen to command Ro, the name of the main character, or her daughter to move them through each level.

You'll also need to swipe or tap, hold, and drag certain obstacles you encounter to complete all the levels.

Spinning Handles

Throughout the game, you'll come across many four-pronged handles that spin when you swipe your finger on them. As you spin them around, they will move pieces of the level for you opening up new paths.

When Ro or her daughter are walking across the platforms that these handles control, you will not be able to rotate them. Keep this in mind when you're planning out how to solve the puzzle.

Moving Platforms

In your journey across the colorful Monument Valley, you'll also com across platforms that you can move around the lever in different ways. Some will move side-to-side, and other will move up-and-down; you move these platform by dragging them around the screen.

You'll be able to tell these platforms apart from other structures in each level because they will have two circles sticking out of the platform much like the platform pictured above.

You can move these platforms while Ro and her daughter are on them, meaning they can be used to ferry the ladies around. Incredibly important to keep in mind as you are trying to solve each level.

Pressure Plates

Throughout the puzzles, you will come across a bunch of raised pressure plates. To activate them you'll need Ro or her daughter to step on them.

These pressure plate will often do a variety of things including changing the way the current puzzle is laid out. You'll need to hit the pressure plates in each level before you can proceed to the end of the puzzle.

Don't think in one dimension

On top of the obstacles, each level is designed to play tricks on your mind via cunning optical illusions. Not every puzzle follows a linear path, and sometimes you'll need to move Ro and her daughter onto the side of a building or even have them walk on a ledge upside down.

My advice to you — one gamer to another — is to very carefully examine each level from different angles by rotating your phone. This will allow you to see all the paths available to you and prevent your eyes from getting swept up in the optical illusions!

Monument Valley 2

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