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iMore's favorite movies, TV shows, music, and books of 2013

We'll be posting both our 2013 Readers Choice Awards and 2013 Editors Choice Awards soon enough, but there's a reason Apple sells more than just devices, and iTunes offers more than just apps. Music, movies, TV shows, books, and comics have all gone digital. Not only is the idea of linear broadcasts increasingly anachronistic, but the idea of media not being everywhere we are, available at the click of a remote or tap of a screen, is almost a thing of the past. From Mac to iPod to Apple TV to iPhone to iPad, we can now access everything we want to listen to, watch, or read, any time we want, anywhere we are. So, just like devices, apps, and games, we want to recognize the other stuff, the media, that makes our lives so much more enjoyable. These, then, are our favorite movies, music, TV shows, and books of the year!

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UK Satellite broadcaster Sky set to roll out local downloads on its Sky Go mobile apps

UK satellite television broadcaster Sky will launch updates to its hugely popular Sky Go apps next week that will enable users to download content and not just stream it. According to UK newspaper The Telegraph, the service will see Sky launch a subscription based service that will not only allow users to stream content that matches their actual home Sky subscription but be expanded to include movies and TV series too.

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Get the Avengers on your iPhone & iPad: Books, games, wallpapers, and more!

Marvel's mightiest heroes, the Avengers, are assembling in movie theaters tonight, but you can Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPhone right now!

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1080p iTunes video: Is the difference in image quality worth the difference in file size?

Apple has made 1080p TV shows and music available for streaming and purchase via the iTunes Store. The price is the same as the previous 720p HD content, but is the image quality better enough to justify the bigger download sizes and increased storage they'll require?

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Apple rumored to be working on complete iTunes Store and App Store redesign

Apple is reportedly planning a redesign for the iTunes Store and App Store for sometime later this year.

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Thanks to Warner Brothers, we'll have to wait twice as long for Netflix movies...

AllThingsD reports that Netflix (and Blockbuster) will be required to wait twice as long, or a full 56 days after DVDs hit retail shelves, before offering Warner Brothers content under a new distribution agreement.

The move is part of Hollywood’s ongoing campaign to bolster flagging DVD sales, and sources tell me the new deal is supposed to be announced at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Warner Brothers executives have already talked publicly about extending the current window.

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Apple offers "Complete My Season Pass" for iTunes TV shows

Apple has rolled out a new option for iTunes subscribers called "Complete My Season Pass", which allows users who've downloaded single episodes of any TV show offered in iTunes to download the rest of the full season at a discounted rate.

Apple previously offered a similar option for music, called "Complete My Album", the same thing but is obviously geared for music lovers. This is great news for those who use iTunes to purchase and download TV shows, and really shows Apple is dedicated to making sure the iTunes purchasing experiences is the best option around.

You can start using the new feature now in iTunes.

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iTunes TV Shows in the Cloud now available internationally

Just like [iTunes Match], iTunes TV Shows in the Cloud seem to be rolling out internationally. TV Shows in the Cloud, part of Apple's iCloud service, allows users to re-download previously purchased TV Show content to iTunes on Mac or Windows, or iOS devices including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV.

If you're outside the U.S. and you're getting your first fix of iTunes TV Shows in the Cloud, let us know where and how it's working for you

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Apple accidentally launching, revoking international iTunes TV, iTunes Match services

Last week an iTunes TV show menu suddenly started showing up on international Apple TVs, didn't work, and subsequently disappeared. This week iTunes Match suddenly started showing up for international iTunes users, didn't work, and Apple subsequently offered refunds to those who'd tried to purchase it.

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Daily Tip: How to find closed caption TV shows and movies on iTunes

Apple has posted up a great tip on how to find closed caption TV shows and movies on iTunes.

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