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What you need to know

  • Can't decide what to watch? JustWatch will recommend a show or movie based on any plot you give it.

JustWatch has been around for years doing great work by showing you where you can watch content across the many, many streaming services. But that relied on you knowing what you want to watch in the first place. Now, JustWatch is fixing that by telling you what to watch based on any plot you give it.

Let me back up a bit.

Imagine you have a fancy to watch a movie but don't know which one. You do know that you want one where aliens are invading and maybe it should also have robots, too. And explosions. Now all you need to do is write that into a box on JustWatch, and let the service do the work.

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Discover movies and tv shows based on any story…

Pretty cool, right? You can even filter by streaming service, IMDb rating, movies, and TV shows.

Damn straight it is. Why not head over to JustWatch and give it a try for yourself? Who knows what it will recommend for your next movie night!

Now, I'm off to watch Transformers again. All of them.