Severance Season 2 news could drop July 10 if new teaser is anything to go by

Image from the first trailer of Severance season 2, an Apple TV Plus streaming original
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There have been plenty of hit shows to land on Apple TV Plus since it launched, but Ben Stiller's Severance remains one of the most popular among fans. The show was an instant hit and the end of the first season left everyone desperate for more. And it looks like we may not have to wait much longer.

Apple recently shared a teaser video for the season 2 of Severance on Twitter. On first glance, fans may recognise it as mysterious elevator we saw a certain character (no spoilers here) enter in the first season. But on second viewing, the red light about the elevator seems to be flashing in a pattern that looks suspiciously like morse code. If you accept the flashes as dots and dashes in morse code, it spells out the word "tomorrow."

For those who have seen the first season of Severance, you'll know that this mysterious elevator is a pretty significant unexplained segment of the show. Plenty of fans have theorised about where exactly the elevator might lead, and it looks like Severance season 2 may give us the answer. If you'd like to examine the clip yourself, here it is:

Severance Season 2 looks imminent

Recently, Ben Stiller promised a Severance season 2 release date announcement would be only a few weeks away. This comes after a teaser trailer aired as part of a sizzle reel for Apple's upcoming slate of streaming shows and movies at WWDC 2024. It’s the first time we’ve had a glimpse at the next season of Severance since the very first seconds-long teaser that aired at the end of the iPhone 14 event back in September 2022.

All of this points to the second season of Severance arriving soon. And Apple's latest teaser for the popular streaming show suggests that we'll get major news on July 10. As ever, we’ll keep you posted on all the Severance season 2 release date news, trailers, leaks and rumors as they land.

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