We've got another Severance season 2 update from the cast, and this time it's good news

An Instagram post from actor Britt Lower, flanked by scenes from the Severance TV show
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Pretty much everyone online is clinging to the edge of their seats for Severance season 2 news. Or at least that's how it feels for us fans. It's one of the best shows on Apple TV Plus, and has a large fan base. The much anticipated second season is underway, and we've got good news on its development for an official release date.

After the final episode of the first season aired on April 8, 2022, fans of Severance have been left longing for new episodes of the comedy-thriller. So far this year, we've had a few updates that tease us along the show's development. In bad news, Ben Stiller revealed that he "does not have an actual date" for the second season's release. And more recently (and positively), actress Britt Lower, who plays Helly R in the show, shared that she had wrapped filming.

Now, we've got another development on the progression of Severance season 2. And, thankfully, it's more good news.

That's a wrap everybody

Some keen-eyed Reddit users spotted that costume designer Carol Deelay shared an Instagram story about her time working on Severance season 2. Her story read "It's a wrap on season 2", implying that the entire second season has wrapped filming. As costume designer, Deelay would be working with the show for its entirety of filming, unlike some cast members who may wrap filming when their scenes are completed.

With Severance season 2 now wrapped in filming, it'll enter the next stage in its development – post-production. This process does vary in how long it takes between different shows and movies. The first season of Severance released eight months after it wrapped filming, so we could be looking at a similar timeline for this upcoming season. However, things may be quicker or slower depending on a number of factors. Unfortunately, we still don't know quite when the second season of Severance will arrive.

Using the first season as a marker, a November 2024 release date – nearly eight months on from a filming wrap of April 2024 – could make sense. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for more news on the second season. And make sure your innie keeps their eyes peeled as well.

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