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Apple shuts down $0.99 iTunes TV show rentals

Apple seems to have removed $0.99 TV show rentals from iTunes and Apple TV. In a statement provided to Wall Street Journal technology blog, All Things D, Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr explained:

“iTunes customers have shown they overwhelmingly prefer buying TV shows. iTunes in the Cloud lets customers download and watch their past TV purchases from their iOS devices, Apple TV, Mac or PC allowing them to enjoy their programming whenever and however they choose.”

Fox seems to confirm the reasoning:

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Apple adds iCloud TV Show re-downloading to iPhone, iPad

Our writer at large, Chad Garrett, spotted TV Shows in the Cloud today on his iPhone. It seems Apple has pulled the trigger on TV Show re-downloads, much as they've always allowed for apps and previously announced for music. It's limited to TV Shows (no movies), and to the US for now, but it's nice to see Apple adding functionality to iCloud so quickly -- even before the formal launch this fall.

Are you seeing TV shows under your purchased content in

Update: Not all shows yet, apparently. Perhaps some networks haven't (yet) agreed to be part of the service?

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TiPb Asks: Should Apple make their own TV shows?

The New York Times says Netflix may start delivering their first TV show, House of Cards, and it got us wondering if Apple shouldn't get into the production side of show business as well? Netflix might outbid the likes of HBO and AMC to get House of Cards and it would give them original programming that you couldn't get anywhere else. Sony has their own Hollywood studio. Comcast is buying NBC. Will Apple be at a disadvantage if they only deliver content but don't make any themselves. (No, Disney doesn't count -- just because Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder doesn't mean Apple owns it or has exclusive rights to any of their content.)

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Daily Tip: How to rent TV episodes on iPad with iOS 4.2? [Beginner]

Interested in renting TV episodes on your iPad running the shiny new iOS 4.2? If you're in the US, you're in luck. While not all TV networks are on board yet there's still a decent amount of programming and the ability to download it and watch it offline if you're going on a road trip or flying cross country is very convenient. Find out how after the break!

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Fox, ABC to offer $0.99 iTunes rentals, CBS, NBC to keep heads buried in sand?

"People familiar with the situation" (yes, them again) have told the Wall Street Journal that both Fox and ABC are good to go on $0.99 iTunes TV show rentals, and will be announced later today at Apple's special music event. Since ABC is owned by Disney, whose largest shareholder is Steve Jobs, their getting on board isn't a huge surprise. Likewise, Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox, introduced Jobs at D8 and is all up in Apple rescuing print media (like the Wall Street Journal) and TV alike.

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Updated: Apple event September 7, return of the $0.99 iTunes TV show rental rumors?

Chad says we buried the lede: Bloomberg also claims Apple's annual special music -- and this time TV -- event will be held September 7. That's not official, of course. We'll only know for sure when Apple sends out the invitations.

Remember those rumors of $0.99 iTunes TV show rentals? They're back. This time with word that FOX-owner Newcorp is in "advanced talks" over the service. CBS and Disney (which has Steve Jobs as their largest share holder) are also rumored to be involved.

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iPad is coming, but where are the content deals?

The Wall Street Journal reports that, with the iPad arriving in stores and on doorsteps in just a few weeks, Apple is still "scrambling" to secure content deals for their magical and revolutionary new device. Why?

Apple hasn't yet reached a deal with many major TV producers on the price cut, these people said. Some are concerned a price cut could hurt their existing businesses, these people said, including jeopardizing the tens of billions of dollars in subscription fees they are paid by cable and satellite companies for their traditional TV networks.

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FT: Apple to Test $1 iTunes TV Downloads with iPad Launch?

Financial Times is reporting that Apple might just be set to test drive $1 iTunes TV downloads as part of their iPad launch in March:

Some television networks agreed to the lower prices after months of negotiations, and having initially resisted Apple’s push. Media executives are under pressure from declining DVD sales and cut-rate rental services such as Redbox, that offer rental DVDs for $1.

Not all networks say they've been approached, and being networks some may still refuse, but if the test is successful they'd be complete idiots not to jump on board (which means, of course, some won't).

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Apple Pushing for $1 iTunes TV Shows?

It currently costs $1.99 for a standard definition TV on iTunes, and rumor has it Apple is pushing the networks to halve that price, making it just $1.

Apple's belief, media executives said, is that drastically cutting prices could spur sales of TV shows on the iTunes digital entertainment storefront, which have so far frustrated Apple executives.

Apple does not disclose video sales data, but analysts have said they were a small contributor to the store's estimated $2bn sales in 2009.

It would also halve the price of "season passes" which currently cost far more than buying the DVD season set of the same show. Whether this would be in addition to, or instead of, the rumored subscription TV service is unknown.

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