Tetris 99 gets cute Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme to lull you into another stressful tournament

Tetris 99 Animal Crossing Theme
Tetris 99 Animal Crossing Theme (Image credit: Nintendo)

Need more Animal Crossing: New Horizons in your life? What about in Tetris 99, of all things?

In the upcoming Maximus Event cup (called Grand Prix 13), which takes place from May 15-May 18, players can get the Animal Crossing theme. To get the theme, you need to log in during the time period and notch up 100 points. The typical rules apply; the higher you place, the more points you'll earn.

From the preview video, you can see multiple Animal Crossing elements integrated into the theme. The blocks have pictures of fruit, plants, bugs, and fossils on them, and a theme plays in the background. As players get knocked out, they turn into leaves. That all seems calm on the surface, but of course Tetris 99 is anything but calm, so the juxtaposition of the two creates a unique playing experience.

There are other elements here as well. A number of villagers appear in the background, and the victory music plays when you clear a row. Another cool twist appears as you continue through a round. It starts off with the calm daytime themes but moves into the boppier night tunes as the match gets more difficult.

Luckily, once you get the theme you'll have it permanently.

You can check out the theme in the video posted above.

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