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Yet another year has come and gone with Animal Crossing Toy Day and New Year's firmly in the rearview mirror. Now it's time to turn our attention to the year's first in-game celebration found in the form of Festivale. Islanders are visited by Pavé, the fabulous peacock, who brings with him plenty of color and cheer to light up the cold winter months. Here's everything you need to know about Animal Crossing Festivale and Pavé.

One of the reasons that Animal Crossing is one of the best Nintendo Switch games is because it allows us to celebrate real-world holidays and seasonal events in-game. To learn more about other festivities, check out the Animal Crossing events calendar.

When is Animal Crossing Festivale?

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In 2021, Animal Crossing Festivale will be on February 15th. This festivity takes place the day before real-world Mardi Gras. Since the real-life holiday shifts depending on the year, Festivale is celebrated in either February or March.

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What is Festivale?

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Festivale is marked by Pavé the peacock appearing on your Resident Service Plaza and confetti falling from the sky. Your villagers will dress in sparkling clothes and feathery headdresses. When you talk to Pavé, this fabulous bird sends players off to collect feathers.

They can be caught with a net as they float down alongside the confetti. If players collect the proper color and amount of feathers, then Pavé rewards them with a dance, DIY recipe, or Festivale items. If you give Pavé a Rainbow Feather he will give you a Rainbow Festivale item in exchange.

What to do on Festivale

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It will likely take you about 25-30 minutes to complete the Festivale tasks. The Able Sisters should have fun Festivale clothes in their store. Dress up to make the day that much more fun.

  1. Talk to Pavé (he's on the Resident Services plaza) to get the Rainbow Feather DIY.
  2. Run around your island and capture different feather colors (red, green, purple, blue) with your bug net. You can also wear a feather if you select it from your inventory.
  3. Talk to your villagers and see what feathers they have. You might be able to trade the feathers you have for a color you don't have.
  4. Craft a Rainbow Feather using one red, one green, one purple, and one blue feather.
  5. Give the Rainbow Feather to Pavé and he'll give you a rainbow Festivale item. Continue to give him Rainbow Feathers to get the rest of the rainbow set. There are nine different items all together.
  6. Once you have all nine rainbow Festivale items, craft three rainbow feathers and give them to Pavé. He'll do an awesome dance and then give you the Festivale Float.
  7. If you give Pavé three feathers of the same color, he will give you a random Festival item in that same color. So if I gave him three purple feathers, he might give me the purple Festivale Drum. You can continue to collect every festivale item color variation by doing this.
  8. If you want something more to do after that, you could continue to catch feathers and then craft rainbow feathers. Timmy and Tommy Nook will give you 1,600 Bells for each Rainbow Feather you sell them at Nook's Cranny. The other feathers sell for 200 Bells each.

Festivale items

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Festivale items can be purchased in the Nook's Cranny, however each player will only get one color for each one. For instance, all the Festivale items that show up in my shop are purple. Thankfully, you can customize these items and change their colors if you have enough feathers of a different color.

As mentioned previously, you can also get these items from Pavé if you give him three of the same feather color. However, you can only get rainbow-colored items from Pavé. Here are all of the Animal Crossing items for Festivale.

Name Color variations
Feather Acnh Feathers
Festivale Accessory Acnh Festivale Accessory
Festivale Balloon Lamp Acnh Festivale Balloon Lamp
Festivale Confetti Machine Acnh Confetti Machine
Festivale Costume Acnh Festivale Costume
Festivale Drum Acnh Festivale Drums
Festivale Flag Acnh Festivale Flags
Festivale Garland Acnh Festivale Garlands
Festivale Lamp Acnh Festivale Lamp
Festivale Stage Acnh Festivale Stage
Festivale Stall Acnh Festivale Stall
Festivale Tank Dress Acnh Festivale Tank Dress

Are there Festivale games?

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In New Leaf, players could experience a few games with their villagers, including Charades, Made Ya Look, and finally Rock, Paper, Scissors. If the player won any of these games, New Leaf villagers rewarded them with a feather. Unfortunately, these games are not part of the New Horizons Festivale event. If you're curious to know how those games worked in New Leaf, continue reading:

  • Charades: Villagers say a few things and then emote to finish their sentences, then players select from a menu what they think their villager was hinting at.
  • Made Ya Look: Players got three chances to turn their heads the same way as the villager they were talking to.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors: You select one of the three options from a menu before you and the villager you talk to shout out your choices. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper.

Festivale DIY recipes

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There's really only the Rainbow Feather DIY. But there are several fun items to collect during Festivale.

New Reactions

Nintendo has also revealed that new reactions, clothing, and seasonal items will come to New Horizons in February. For a limited time, the Viva Festivale Reaction Set can be purchased from the green cabinet at Nook's Cranny. This set includes the following reactions:

  • Feelin' It
  • Let's Go
  • Viva and Confetti

New Clothing

Starting February 1 the Able Sisters shop will sell Festivale clothing. You'll definitely want to dress in style for the big day to match your villagers and your feathery visitor.

New Seasonal Items

From February 1 through February 14, players can purchase special seasonal items from the Nook Stop at Resident Services or the Nook Shopping app. These items cover Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, and the Super Bowl:

Name Color variations
Bean Tossing Kit Animal Crossing New Horizons January Update Datamine Item Icon Bean Tossing Kit Variation Na
Bokjumeoni Lucky Pouch Animal Crossing New Horizons January Update Datamine Item Icon Bokjumeoni Lucky Pouch Variation
Chocolate Heart Acnh Chocolate Heart
Megaphone Acnh Cheer Megaphone
Heart-Shaped Bouquet Acnh Heart Shaped Flowers
Horned-Ogre Mask Acnh Ogre Masks
Lucky Red Envelope Animal Crossing New Horizons January Update Datamine Item Icon Lucky Red Envelope Variation
Lunar New Year Decoration Animal Crossing New Horizons January Update Datamine Item Icon Lunar New Year Decoration Variation Na
Maracas Animal Crossing New Horizons January Update Datamine Item Icon Maracas Variation Na
Ogre Costume Acnh Ogre Costumes
Okame Mask Animal Crossing New Horizons January Update Datamine Item Icon Okame Mask Variation Na
Resetti Model Animal Crossing New Horizons January Update Datamine Item Icon Resetti Model Variation Na

Animal Crossing Pavé & Festivale

It's time to celebrate the start of the new year with Festivale and our favorite fabulous peacock. Let us know if you're excited for the Festivale festivities in the comments below.

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