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What you need to know

  • Reports last week suggested iOS 13.2 was closing apps rather than keeping them in memory.
  • Apps like Overcast, Safari, and particularly games were affected.
  • The first iOS 13.3 beta appears to have fixed whatever was causing it.

We reported last week that numeous people were experiencing issues with iOS 13.2 and its eagerness to close apps rather than keep them in memory. That in turn meant that iOS multitasking was almost non-existant, something that was a real issue for apps that needed to carry out tasks in the background. But thankfully iOS 13.3 seems to have fixed it.

I've been using iOS 13.3 beta 1 on an iPhone 11 Pro since it was released yesterday and so far, so good. When running iOS 13.2 I frequently saw apps reload after switching to them a short time after having last used them. Games were particularly troublesome, likely due to their larger memory footprint. But Safari was another culprit with web pages often reloading after alarmingly short periods of time.

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With iOS 13.3 beta 1 installed, none of that seems to be happening. At least, not during my period of testing. I've seen similar reports via Twitter, too, which makes me think this is more than an isolated case.

I don't know when iOS 13.3 will be made available to everyone, but I'd expect another couple of betas before that happens. Hopefully this is a bug that Apple fixed rather than it being something that simply went away by accident. That way there's less chance of it rearing its ugly head in a future update.

Fingers and toes very much crossed!

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