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Ring Fit Adventure Acnh Joy Con Hero (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

With all of the stay-at-home orders and closed gyms, the best way to get your exercise in these days is to play some Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch. With Ring Fit Adventure, you're able to create custom workout sets, do quick play mini-games, enjoy a rhythm mode with some fun Nintendo tunes, or you can hop into the Ring Fit Adventure story mode. Honestly, I find the Adventure mode to be a ton of fun, and it makes exercising more fun since it's how you progress. Here's everything you need to know about Ring Fit Adventure's story mode!

What's going on with Ring Fit Adventure's story?

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure (Image credit: iMore)

Ring Fit Adventure's main game mode is essentially an RPG. Your character is a no-name athlete who encounters a mysterious, sentient ring named, guess what, Ring, in a fantasy realm that is threatened by a powerful, bodybuilding dragon named Dragaux. Ring serves as your own personal trainer, as it helps guide you through the exercises required to get through each level in an area.

But wait! Turns out that Drageux was actually Ring's previous protégé before you came along, but he now wants to control the world with his dark influence. Only you and Ring can stop Dragaux, thanks to Ring's five powers: Color Coding, Smoothiecraft, River Rowing, Jump Boost, and Wing Ability. These five powers are unlocked as you make progress in the Adventure mode, and are necessary in order to defeat Dragaux.

As you make your way through the Ring Fit Adventure's story, you will also meet The Four Masters: Allegra (Legs), Armando (Arms), Abdonis (Stomach), and Guru Andma (Yoga). These are powerful trainers who each specialize in a Fit Skill type. You'll end up seeking them out as allies in the beginning, though you'll have to prove your worthiness first by defeating them. However, later on, The Four Masters once again prove to be challenging opponents as they are under Dragaux's control. Again, it will be up to you and Ring to free them from Dragaux's dark influence.

What are the levels like in Ring Fit Adventure story mode?

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch (Image credit: iMore)

Each world will have a handful of levels to get through before you face off against Dragaux himself in a big boss fight at the end of each area. All of the levels work like obstacle courses, and you must run in place, holding the Ring-Con in front of you to move forward in an on-rails style system. You squeeze the Ring-Con accessory to shoot out gusts of air to destroy boxes or blast through doors, pull to suck up any nearby gold coins or items, and point it down and squeeze to jump. You can even press the Ring-Con against your stomach and either squat or do a rowing action to break boulders and traverse flowing rivers.

Running into enemies starts up a turn-based battle. To deal damage to your enemies, you'll need to perform a set of exercise reps. The story mode starts with very basic exercises, but you'll unlock more exercises as you progress, and these can also do more damage. After you do your set of exercise reps, and if the baddies aren't knocked out yet, then the enemies make their move. Once they're done, you get to go again, rinse and repeat. You'll earn experience points for each battle and stage completed, raising your Trainee character's level and stats, and also earning Skill Points that you can spend for better exercises or abilities.

For the most part, the goal of a stage is to make it to the end. But some stages require you to collect a certain number of items, or you must defeat a boss, such as one of The Four Masters. However, they're very straightforward and easy to complete if you focus.

Be careful, though — if you end up falling in battle or fail to meet the objective, you'll have to start from the beginning of the level.

Does Ring Fit Adventure story mode have enough content?

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch (Image credit: iMore)

There are 23 worlds in the main story, and each world has around 10 or so levels to get through. Each world also has a handful of side quests and mini-games that you can also do for additional loot. All levels can be replayed as you see fit, whether it's just for the exercise or if you want to grind for gold or items.

The time to complete the main campaign will vary from person to person, especially since difficulty level needs to be taken into account. But if you are wondering what the general consensus is, there seems to be at anywhere between 30-60 hours of content to go through in the main story. And if you consider getting the minimum of at least 30 minutes of exercise a day (this is exercise time, which only counts as you are actively moving or exercising in-game, not counting the time when you are idle or going through dialogue) that means there is several months worth of content to go through if you pace yourself. Plus, there's a high chance you will replay levels for whatever reason — I certainly have.

What can I do after I beat Ring Fit Adventure's main story?

Christine 105 Ring Fit Adventure

Christine 105 Ring Fit Adventure (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

After you complete the main campaign in Ring Fit Adventure, you can continue with New Game+ and New Game++. Both of these will repeat the same 23 worlds in the original story (for a total of 69 worlds), but with increased difficulty and different character dialogue. There are also no side quests in levels 24-69.

It's time to get swol

The story in Ring Fit Adventure's main adventure mode is pretty basic — big bad guy trying to take over the world with darkness, and it's up to you and a magical, sentient Ring to stop him. While the story is simple and some of the character dialogue is cheesy (though entertaining), it's still incredibly fun because of the exercise. And if you're worried about the amount of content, don't worry — there is enough exercise to do in just the story mode to keep you healthy and fit for a while.

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