Macbook Pro Covered In Harry Potter StickersSource: u/AwakeOrStillDreaming

What you need to know

  • Lots of people put stickers on their Mac to make it look different from others.
  • But someone went a step further than most.
  • They took a MacBook Pro apart and covered every inch in stickers.

The idea of putting stickers onto a computer to make it look different from all the others isn't a new one. People have been doing it for years. But nobody's done it like this – someone on Reddit took a MacBook Pro apart and covered every inch with Harry Potter stickers.

Redditor AwakeOrStillDreaming took their girlfriend's MacBook Pro apart, including the keyboard. The whole thing took five hours but I'm sure you'll agree the result was well worth the effort!

Helped my Girlfriend sticker bomb her MacBook Pro, Harry Potter style. Completely dismantled it and removed the keyboard, then covered it in stickers and cut out the individual holes for the keys. Took 5 hours 😅!

There's no denying the execution is top-notch here, whether you're a fan of Harry Potter or not.

This machine is a 2010 13-inch MacBook Pro so it's well and truly out of warranty. Maybe don't try this if yours is still covered by AppleCare!