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This 5-pack of refurbished Arlo home security cameras is down to $280

Today only, you can pick up a 5-pack of Arlo security cameras (opens in new tab) for just $279.99 in refurbished condition at Woot. These are refurbished by the manufacturer and still come with a 90-day Netgear warranty, though if you prefer to buy them in new condition (opens in new tab), you can do so for $344.80 at Amazon, which is about $30 lower than what they sell for on average. Refurbished, this set sells for around $320 there. Shipping at Woot is free for Amazon Prime (opens in new tab) members and $6 for everyone else.

This kit includes five cameras, mounting hardware, and the required base station to make it all work together. These cameras are weatherproof, so you can use them inside or outside. You can mount them anywhere you want without worrying about a power source since they have rechargeable batteries in them. Keeping your home secure should be important to you, and these cameras can help you do that.

Woot's sale also includes options of a 4-pack of cameras or 2-pack of cameras for $229.99 or $139.99, respectively. The base station comes with both of these as well.

It may still be worth picking up some spare batteries (opens in new tab) to limit the downtime of the cameras. There are lots of other great accessories (opens in new tab) worth considering as well, like skins, different mounts, and more.

You get access to the previous 7 days worth of recordings at no cost, but if you need longer you can get 30 days for $99 (opens in new tab) a year or 60 days for $149 per year.

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