Confession: I bought my first PDA so I could work on some book projects while mobile. Several Palm PDAs, Treos, and Windows Mobiles later, and I was still looking for that holy grail: seamless back-and-forth compatibility between my desktop tools and my handset. Of course, the iPhone didn't have any document editing features when it was launched, but flashforward to today, and Quickoffice is the first to fill that huge functionality gap. Quickoffice Mobile Suite ($19.99 - iTunes link) sets the bar:

Quickoffice's integrated application is the essential high-performance mobile office productivity tool for anyone on the go. Experience enterprise-grade Microsoft® Word and Excel® Office functionality with leading-edge innovation and unparalleled ease-of-use. Edit important files with confidence; Quickoffice maintains 100% data integrity and guarantees Microsoft compatibility.

Is this my holy grail? Let's find out: courtesy of Quickoffice, we're giving away two (2) copies of the full Mobile Suite to two lucky forum members and all you have to do to win is help me finish my latest story:

It was a dark and stormy night, and the full moon lent an anxious glow to San Francisco's Moscone Center, still but for long, wind-snapped banners that read: Welcome to Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2009.

Rene sat, finger poised above the mouse button, ready to click into being the last rumor round up, the TiPb Prediction post. He smiled, his finger coiled, tensed, and--

"Hold the presses!" Dieter roared as he burst through the doors of TiPb HQ, iPhone clenched and shaking in his hands.

"Presses?" Rene said. "Really? We have this thing now called the inter--"

"Quite youse!" Dieter shoved his iPhone at Rene. "And read."

Rene bent forward, took it. "What am I reading?"

"Just the scoop of the century." A smile raced up Dieter's face. "Secret source. Top secret. Roof of the world secret. Would you believe that tomorrow, during the WWDC, Apple is going to..."

What?! Don't leave us hanging like that! What is Apple going to announce?

Turns out YOU have to finish the story, the conversation. That's right. Don't just tell us, show us: we want action, dialog, drama, suspense, comedy. What's Dieter going to say, and how is Rene going to take it? How's the internet going to take it?!

Get your creative juices flowing and two story-tellers will get each get a copy of Quickoffice Mobile Suite absolutely free.

  • One entry per person
  • Must have access to US App Store account to redeem promo codes
  • Inappropriate or off-topic material will be removed at the sole discretion of the moderators.

Now hurry up, get over to the TiPb Birthday Bash: Quickoffice Mobile Suite Give Away forum thread and get writing! I want to know how it ends!

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