We asked you to show us why TiPb should give you an iPhone 4 (technically a gift-certificate for the US Apple Retail Store in the amount of $499) and boy did you show us. You made it so tough for me to pick a winner, I didn't even try -- I recused myself and made the folks at SPE do it for me (sorry, I love you all too much, I would have gone all Oprah, given the to everyone, and gotten fired).

SPE did pick a winner, however. And we're going to announce who it is, who's getting the iPhone 4 -- and the surprise twist we also came up with! -- after the break!

Bonus Prize

So here's the thing. Dude got a tattoo first video out. That's a heck of a bar to set. And anyone crazy enough to get a tattoo deserves a phone. Now, I know some of you doubted that it's real, so we'll give him a chance to prove himself -- send us a photo asap of the tattoo as it looks today, take it next to newspaper or next to a current story from TiPb or something -- and I'll personally send you a phone. That one's on me. (Side effect -- I'm banning tattoos from future contests -- this is the last one!)

So here's your bonus round, RyanShitlipz, send me the pic -- rene (at) tipb (dot) com.

RyanShitlipz's Tattoo


There are also a few folks who, while they didn't win the big prize, got enough votes that we wanted to give them something. Courtesy of the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store, you're going to get a case for whichever iPhone you want - iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (when they're available). We'll contact you and you can let us know.

cregan4584 - iPhone Vacation

pazafuera - Life Before FaceTime

rodrigo19bran - The Best for Last


And that brings us to our winner. It had drama, it had tension, it had thrills, it had chills, it had a TiPb logo that looked, quite frankly, terrified out of its icon. The winner of our iPhone 4 give-away is...


But wait, there's more...

Thanks again to everyone who entered, from safesolvent and his gorgeous Cannon 5D Mark II 1138 to Gerorne going hilariously black and white to the vocal stylings of justdrew1985 to Doodle Jumps and Funeral bumps, Timmy and farmdreads. We appreciate all of you...

And make sure you check back in day or few because we just might be doing another iPhone 4 contest...!