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Today’s TiPb Top 5 will be directed towards our iPhone and iPod touch wielding readers who love First-Person Shooting (FPS) games. Just like our other TiPb’s top 5 must-have posts, all of these applications are available in the App Store. For the full overview, follow us after the break!

Wolfenstein 3D Platinum


Wanna kick it old, old school? Wolfenstein 3D (Wolf3D) started it all. What is great about this version of the game is that you get A LOT of levels. You get episodes 1-6 plus the Spear of Destiny add-on pack for a total of more than 60 levels. Wolf3D has customizable controls and a super-fast framerate. This is a great version of the original and a bargain price. [$1.99 - iTunes Link]

  • Old school fun
  • Customizable controls
  • So many levels!
  • Fast and smooth gameplay

DOOM Classic


Ah, DOOM -- one of my all time favorites. The iPhone version is top-notch. Fast and fun. The controls have been tweaked a little more than with Wolf3D, but are similar. If you can play one, you will be instantly at home with the other. DOOM takes the Wolf3D premise and adds a grand 3D element to it. Mars is invaded by devils from hell and it is up to you to eradicate them over 36 levels. Future updates in include Doom 2 with in-app purchasing! Doom as multiplayer support over local Wi-Fi, but sadly, no online deathmatches are planned at this time. [$6.99 - iTunes Link]

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  • Just the way I remember it
  • Customizable controls
  • Fast gameplay
  • Totally fun!

Eliminate Pro


One of the most anticipated apps for the App Store, Eliminate has arrived! This illustrates what mobile online multiplayer can be about. This game revolves around playing matches and winning; that simple. The catch is having "energy" when you play. If you win a match (or actually play a match) with energy you earn credits. Credits are used to buy weapons, armor and stats. After your energy is depleted, you can buy more with in-app purchasing, or wait 90 minutes (the time keeps changing as ngmoco:) finds the right balance) for a partial energy recharge. You can play over the Internet with Wi-Fi or 3G. A new map is on its way, but no word on voice chat. [$Free - iTunes Link]

  • Internet multiplayer
  • Upgradable weapons and armor
  • Friend lists
  • Private matches with friends

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies

COD Zombies

This game was a surprise that came out of nowhere! Like shooting zombies WWII Nazi-style? Well, look no further than Call of Duty: Zombies. You are in a room with boarded entrances. Zombies are closing in on every side. What do you do? destroy them of course! You can buy different weapons and choose from a few different control styles. This game gets tough fast, but in the end is hampered by a less-than-accurate control scheme. I have faith this will be fixed in a future update. You can play single player or multiplayer locally. Sadly there is only one map right now, but more are coming soon! [$9.99 - iTunes Link]

  • Top-notch graphics
  • Erie atmosphere make playing it stressful!
  • Continuous onslaught of zombies to kill
  • Local multiplayer

Modern Combat: Sandstorm


Looking for a FPS with a good challenge? Sandstorm will give it to ya! This is not a run n' gun game, you have to use strategy defeat the relentless AI. This game has great controls and graphics. You can crouch, zoom, carry two different weapons plus grenades; all intuitively with fun. You are placed in the Middle East set to take down the bad guys. What is the big news about this game? There is an online update coming out before Christmas 2009 that will add  Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes! This looks to be an amazing addition onto an already solid single player title! [$4.99 - iTunes Link]

  • Great control scheme with lots of functionality
  • 10 different missions
  • Great visuals  and story
  • Very challenging compared to other FPSs on the App Store


The graphics and gameplay for 3D games on the iPhone is really heating up. With so many good games, it is hard to pick a winner. Out of this match-up, in their current state, I have to choose Eliminate Pro. The reason? Awesome online multiplayer action. I think once Sandstorm gets its update, it will be a real viable contender; for single player, it wins hands-down. Being able to play against anyone, anywhere is always better than bots. Because if this, Eliminate Pro wins by a landslide. Hey, and it's free :-)

Winner: Eliminate Pro

There you have it, TiPb’s Top 5 FPS Games. Did we miss any of your favorites? Overlook any killer shooters? Drop us a comment and let us know your list, and your winner!

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