Tomtoc Slim Case for Nintendo Switch Lite review: Impressive protection in a compact shape

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Bottom line: This is one of the most compact Switch Lite cases I've ever seen. It doesn't provide any storage space, but it is a hardshell case that provides plenty of protection from drops and bumps. It's the perfect option for anyone who wants something that won't take up a lot of space.


  • +

    Incredibly slim

  • +

    Wrist strap

  • +

    Hardcover case

  • +

    3 colors

  • +

    Can fit the Tomtoc Clear Case Cover


  • -

    No storage space

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So you've got yourself a Switch Lite and you're trying to find the perfect case to go with it. With all of the options on the market, it can be really hard to know which one would be the best fit for you. With this in mind, I've been looking into several different Switch Lite cases. Most recently, I got my hands on the Tomtoc Slim Case and have tested it out to see how durable, protective, and convenient it is to use.

This is probably the slimmest hardshell case I've ever seen for the Switch Lite. It's well made, provides ample protection against bumps and scratches, and features plenty of convenience features in a minimalist capacity. I recommend it for anyone who wants to protect their handheld gaming system without taking up a lot of space. However, this is not a good case for anyone who wants to bring a lot of accessories along with them.

A case that won't take up a lot of space.

Tomtoc Slim Case for Nintendo Switch Lite What I like

Minimalist design A super-slim hard shell

When I first pulled the case out of the package I was honestly surprised by how small it was. The compact design makes it so that this case basically has room to fit the Switch Lite, a handful of games, and nothing else. The thing is, most other cases that I've seen that are this slim are usually softshell. This is a hard shell surrounded in quality fabric, which means it will protect your gaming system better than many other compact cases out there.

This is the slimmest hardshell case I've ever seen.

When I placed my Switch Lite inside and zipped the case closed, I was once again surprised. The case looks so thin that it seems like there's no Switch Lite inside. There are two huge benefits from this: 1) I'm able to easily slip it into my backpack, purse, or travel bag without it taking up a lot of room. 2) It provides me with more relief since I know that while the case is packed into one of those bags the hard shell will protect my precious gaming system from damage.

Visually, I'm not a huge fan of the raised joystick and button molds found on top of the case, however, this does allow the case to be smaller than average. The buttons and joysticks fit inside those raised areas and have plenty of room. Additionally, the case's interior is lined with a super soft material that will protect your screen and buttons from getting scratched or damaged during transit. If the grey exterior isn't to your liking, there's also a yellow, and a turquoise version of this case to choose from.

Several conveniences Wrist strap and more

One of the first things I look for when evaluating a case is an easy way to carry it. I always prefer an option that offers either a wrist strap or a carrying handle. Tomtoc comes with a sturdy wrist strap that feels like it can take a lot of yanking. What's more, it's made of strong material that matches the durable feel of the rest of the case. In addition to the strap, it includes slots for up to eight Switch games. That's enough to allow you to bring your favorite games with you wherever you go.

It features a durable wrist strap that can withstand a lot of yanking.

An interesting thing to note with this Tomtoc case is that it's designed to hold a Switch Lite while it's protected by the Tomtoc Hard Grip Clear Case Cover, an accessory that's sold separately. I have mixed feelings on the Hard Grip, which I also tested. I'll get to that a little bit later. Basically, this case paired with the Hard Grip gives you plenty of protection from accidental drops and bumps. I love how well they both fit together to give my Switch Lite extra protection.

Now as for the Hard Grip. It's a super snug covering, which allows it to fit your Switch Lite like a glove. Due to this, it's super hard to remove once it's been put into place. This isn't a problem if you never intend on removing it. However, I did remove mine from my Switch Lite and it left light scratch marks on my beautiful turquoise gaming system. This made it so I didn't want to use it ever again because I regularly need to take it off.

Another thing about it is that the clear plastic showcases fingerprints at an unpleasant level. I would have preferred a covering that hid my smudge marks better. However, despite the case looking slippery, I found that the Hard Grip gave me plenty of traction and a better grip of my Switch Lite, especially with the ergonomic handholds on the backside.

Tomtoc Slim Case for Nintendo Switch Lite What I don't like

No storage space Cannot hold accessories

While I like the Tomtoc Slim Case overall, there's one thing that could make it a bad choice for you. There is no storage pocket included with this case. That means it won't be able to hold your cables, headphones, external controllers, or any other accessories. I mean, you could slip a cable inside, but you'd run the risk of scratching up your screen while carrying the case. Now, the lack of storage space isn't a downside for everyone, but it will be for some gamers.

If you prefer to travel with a minimalist case and either have room to carry the charging cable elsewhere or don't intend on bringing any cables with you on the go, then this is a great case for you. With it being so compact, it won't take up a lot of space. You'll just have to determine if not having storage space on the case is a big deal to you or not.

Tomtoc Slim Case for Nintendo Switch Lite Bottom Line

Tomtoc's Slim Switch Lite Case is a great option for anyone who doesn't intend on bringing any accessories along with them. It's a durable hardshell case with a soft interior that will protect the Switch Lite from scratches, bumps, and drops. The wrist strap makes it more convenient to carry, and the unique design with raised areas around the joysticks and buttons allows the case to be a lot slimmer than other hardshell cases. It can also carry eight games at a time, which isn't the most we've seen, but is a decent amount. Overall, this is a great case for anyone looking for something compact and durable.

This case is super durable and doesn't take up a lot of room. It's the perfect commuter case as it doesn't provide any storage space but does have room for eight games. It's made of high-quality materials and is sure to protect your gaming system from damage.

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