Top 5 best iPhone 4 HD themes [Jailbreak]

With the powerful freeWinterboard app on Cydia for Jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, you are able to easily and quickly change the entire aesthetic look of iOS. While this feature is nothing new, the Retina Display has allowed for a whole new level of artistry and themeing fun! Retina quality HD themes are popping up daily on the Cydia store and brings you our Top 5 best HD themes after the break!

EnVy HD by JunesiPhone

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An HD remake of the popular EnVy theme, this gorgeous and full Retina quality theme was only released a week ago but is quickly becoming a favorite of the jailbreak community. The theme includes an animated lockscreen, 4 Icon sets, slideshow wallpaper, themed notes, weather, calculator, camera, phone, SMS interface, mail, safari, and much more to come including color mods, Animated Weather, and more animated lockscreens. EnVy HD is available on Cydia for $2.99.

Timeless HD by Bluemetal

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Timeless HD is a truly elegant and streamlined theme for those who don't care for extravagant colors and want a more professional look. Bluemetal has really taken his time to design a Full HD-UI, including iPod, Notes, Dialer, Lockscreen, Battery, LockInfo, SBSettings, Compass, Safari, Mail, Messages, Weather, Loading screens, and 3 fully featured springboard widgets. Timeless HD is available on Cydia for $2.49.

G.O.C. HD by ToyVan

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Tired of all the square icon themes? G.O.C. HD is a full Retina quality theme with stunning rounded icons and layout. The entire theme has been designed for a very clean, simple, yet fully customizable look. With different color layouts to choose from and even a lockscreen desgined by K. Nitsua, this has become one of the most popular HD themes on Cydia. G.O.C HD is available on Cydia for $2.99.

Elite Pro HD by BarsOverBeats

As previously seen on, Elite Pro HD has become one of the most popular themes for the iPhone since winterboard was released. This full featured and customizable HD theme has included everything but the kitchen sink to bring you a completely new UI experience. With several lockscreens from K. Nitsua and widgets from Floppy Joe and others, Elite HD Pro will keep you customizing for hours on end. Elite Pro HD is available on Cydia for $2.99.

iNitsua Twilight Z HD by Zausser/K.Nitsua

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Also previously seen on, iNitsua Twilight Z HD brings the talents of two of the best theme artists together in Zausser and K. Nitsua to give you one of the most fully featured and high quality Retina UI themes available. This gorgeously constructed theme comes with numerous weather widgets, animated lock screen themes, pin entry skins, plus endless user contributed mods and color options. iNitusa Z Twilight HD is available on Cydia for $2.99.

Your favorite theme?

As always, this is a list of our favorite themes here on TiPb. We know you guys have favorites too, so let us know what you think in the comments below or by posting in our Jailbreak Theme Forums!

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  • I really don't like any of those. Theme I love is suave hd
  • I have to say, I've used most of these themes and have enjoyed a lot of them for the most part. Especially Classified HD and Elite Pro HD. They are two of the best if this is your style. However, as I've had my iPhone 4 longer, I really just like the more simple, soft feel of Suave HD. I have to agree with Ilovegeorgia, Suave HD has got to be the best HD theme yet. And I've themed A LOT. Seriously, try it if you haven't yet.
  • yeh i definately agree with u two! elite pro hd is just too chaotic, suave has got to be the best yet.. chuck a vwallpaper on the homescreen and its ideal!
  • Some of my icons aren't included with suave HD. Is it naturally like that or do I have to do something to make it part of suave HD? The weather app, mail, music, and video are still the same regular app. Not themed. Any suggestions?
  • get TIM (ThemeIconMaker) it'll fill in the blanks for you
  • Classified HD!
  • these are all somewhat garish, my favorite is GLASKLART HD: transparent and minimalist, all while accentuating the backround.
  • Yeah.. I liked Glasklart HD too, especially when combined with vWallpaper. I had trouble with them not having enough icons, though. I hate when some of my icons don't match the theme. :-/
  • With just a small amount of photoshop knowledge, you can EASILY make your own icons for Glasklart HD!
  • Hello sir, i've just installed glasklart hd. but some of my icon doesn't change. still original icon like newstand, picture, camera,video, mail and many more. can you teach me more how to edit it?
  • I'm downloading envy hd right now! It looks beautiful
  • I'm using Nine HD and really like it.
  • Uh why isn't glasklart on this? It's way better than all of them.
  • One by one
  • My fav is elite pro hd. Just wish ther was a better support guide option than over a thousand posts in the modmyi forum. Maybe something innovative like an updated FAQ would be nice. Anyone have some suggestions.
  • Installed Winterboard and I could almost see my battery percentage going down. Uninstalled and all went back to normal.
  • I vote 4 KillSignCarbonBlue. Similar to these and it's free.
  • @wizzy
    Paranoia sounds more like it. That isn't logical, Sorry.
  • Classified HD - Rob (beatsoverbars) had the best non-HD theme (iElegance) and IMHO the best HD theme. It is clean, professional and integrates well with iPhone 4
  • sorry, "BarsOverBeats"
  • i like classica 3 HD. it's very subtle and elegant. and you don't run into incompatible icons.
  • Glasklart HD!!
    I can't believe that this theme is not on the list. If you haven't checked it out, you need to. And they have a forum that they're constantly taking and adding icons. Glasklart HD, beast of a theme, and no one really knows it! Plus, it's free!
  • For everyone screaming Glaskart HD. Its a very nice theme, but its basically an icon pack. It does not skin 1/10th the elements these other themes skin.
  • ...No offense but these themes are all waaaaaay over the top. What an eyesore.
  • I have had the Glass Orb series on my devices since day 1! Glass Orb, Glass Orb Color, G.O.C. Pro and now G.O.C. HD! ToyVan has always offered the best support and I will continue to support his great work.
  • ALIT is the way to go....
  • initsua z seems endless in customization it and themes like it bring so many new options for you to play with. maybe not for those who have little paitience for things that can be tedious. but it's amazing regardles of how you mod it
  • All them are great my fav is nine hd
  • Ermmm, where is Glasklart? That should be on the list, and best of all ITS FREE which makes it even more sweeter!
    Also someone mentioned that its an icon pack, whats wrong with that? Why would you really wana theme everything else as the stock UI is very good(apart from the stock icons, they are getting a bit stale now)
    Get glasklart on the list
  • Jon- I am always available by email if you have an questions about Elite PRO HD :) :)
  • I like the iBOX Carbon and iBOX Final (very similar). Simple, professional looking, and it makes a nice background for Lockinfo.
  • Um, Black'UPS Darkness HD FTW!!!
    it's simple and beautiful and not so heavy as those mention in the post :/
  • Thanks for the honor and recognition TiPb! ;)
  • Whatever happen to things being free in cydia? Everything just shown was 2.99$
  • Yeah I remember when all was free on Cydia but if you one free themes go to lots of good quality themes.
  • thanks for choosing only themes that cost money.
  • Many of these theme creators would extend the theme for a lower price if you would contact them :)
  • Glasklart HD is the best ever theme.
    No doubt.
  • hmmmmm.....
    I like the all given theme n plan to dwnld it...
  • yes Dipakkumar, u r right...
    This all given theme is too nice...
    I like all at first time...
  • People complaining about a cost for a theme...Seriously!!!
    Bunch of freeloaders!!!
    Perspective - Make your own theme and see how much time and effort it actually takes. Then post it for free.
    Much appreciation to those that have provided free themes and the same goes for those that charge for a theme.
  • Thanks for recognition, Not only for iNitsua Z Twilight HD, but for the lockscreens I've done on the other themes as well ^_^
  • Vote pour G.O.C HD
  • Glasklart HD
    Simply the best
  • @Loki Well said. I just jail broke my phone a couple weeks ago and have yet to purchase a theme, but from the look of these paid themes, it really goes to show that you get what you pay for. ;)
  • Sorry for the back to back posts, but to play my own devil's advocate, I will say that not only is the Tron theme free, but very well put together. Also, I registered on the forums and used you Loki as my referrer. ;)
  • yep loki u r right....but whats the point of cydia and jailbreak if we gtta pay anyway?!?
  • The default theme of iphone itself is the best theme will like the other themes for a while and you'll change back to the default one again!!
  • ive never went back to the original since jailbreaking over three years ago, I change out of themes every three or four months, but never back to the original. You just havent found the right theme yet, there are thousands of them out there.
  • Don't have an iPhone 4 yet but can't wait to get one. Hopefully next month.
  • grab five foot shadows if you want a great theme, I love it!
  • pepet satu . bungkus ikat tepi .
  • Really very nice!!!!! Great work!
  • Have to purchase shit?
  • Its simple and beautiful !!
  • "BUUF" HD , nuff said !!
  • Imagine is the best theme it is very complete and classy and has a great weather widget. Elite pro is awesome too but not for ios 5 I wish it was tho
  • Let me preface this by saying that I was laid off 2 months ago so I’ve had the time to do this. I use multiple themes for various areas of my iphone 4s. Lockscreen: Xquisite LS Animated weather (Sub widget wallpaper w/ a grateful dead steal your face) Slider and LS battery are from NoName. Homescreen: Oasis pink SB weather widget (Sub pink font with blue using html color code because I’m not a girl. HS Wallpaper is stained hardwood floor. Icons are about 95% from Black UPS Darkness (There are no better icons out there in my opinion. I will only use these icons!!) I use NoName 3D dock reflection for the bottom of the screen. App loading screens are all from Sensation blue mod. Apps: Facebook – 14K red (awesome skins for fb from 14K), Dialer – 14k blue but I’m getting sick of it and browsing cydia for a new one. Calculator, clock, calendar and chatkit for texting are all Sensation blue. Notes and Siri theme are NoName. Color Keyboard and SB Settings are Aftermath. All these themes I mentioned are sweet. When using multiple themes be sure you do a lot of cut and paste with ifile to save disc space, memory and battery life. God I need a life!!
  • Very Pro :)
  • Hey John, cool themes, just checked some of them out. I had a quick question. Where did you get the dead steal your face? I had one on my iphone 3g but it doesn't work on the 4S. It was a cool slider. Good luck on the job hunt.
  • Nice ones
  • Well my favorite is called
    100% wooden theme
    You guys should and must try
  • Endroid and XHDZ are pretty cool just letting you guys know
  • good good