Totallee iPhone Screen Protector review: Ideal protection

Glass screen protectors are having a moment, and Totallee's version is one of the best. The screen protector's edges are curved to cover as much of the iPhone's screen as possible. I don't have the same issues I've had with other screen protectors, such as bubbling and camera distortion. It's just a great screen protector.

The Good

  • Curved edges
  • Easy installation
  • No bubbles
  • Low profile
  • Two-year warranty

The Bad

  • Can collect dust
  • Not indestructible

Edge-to-edge protection

Totallee iPhone Screen Protector: Features

Totallee iPhone Screen Protector

The Totallee iPhone Screen Protector is a tempered glass screen protector with curved edges. The curved edges allow it to extend out farther than most screen protectors do, covering more of the iPhone's precious screen. The screen protector comes with an alcohol prep pad and a microfiber cloth. Before application, use both to clean your iPhone screen thoroughly. To apply the screen protector, you just remove it from the adhesive and put it on.

The edges of the screen protector are black, which adds visibility to make it easier to apply and align correctly with your screen. I've tested quite a few screen protectors over the years, and this one was one of the easiest to apply. I'm on my second Totallee iPhone Screen Protector, and both times there was a substantial number of sizable bubbles after the initial application. Both times, the bubbles disappeared completely within 24 hours.

Once the screen protector is on, it's easy to forget it's there. The black edges melt into the iPhone's screen bezel. There is no obstruction or blurring of the screen whatsoever. The screen protector I was using previously lay right on the edge of the front camera, so my selfies were consistently blurred at one edge. This is not the case with the Totallee one at all. The front camera is completely covered by the screen protector. There is only one cutout in the screen protector, and that is for the speaker at the top of the iPhone screen. Face ID and 3D Touch still work fine. When you remove this screen protector, there is no residue left behind.

Between the edge-to-edge protection, easy installation, near invisibility, and two-year warranty, this is the screen protector I want on my phone.

I test a lot of iPhone cases, and I have yet to come across one where I've had any compatibiility issues. This screen protector has proven to be totally compatible with even the most heavy-duty cases.

There is a reason I've had two Totallee Screen Protectors. My first one broke after my iPhone took a spill. My phone dropped onto a hard surface, but it fell only about four inches and I did have a (minimal) case on the phone as well. I didn't expect there to be any damage from such a short fall, but there were definitely a few cracks in the screen protector. There was NOT any damage to my iPhone, thank goodness. So you could say the screen protector did its job of protecting my screen. But I can't tolerate a cracked screen protector on my pristine phone, so I reached out to Totallee. They sent me a new screen protector right away. Totallee offers a two-year warranty.

Totallee offers this type of round-edge screen protector for the iPhone X, XS, XR, and XS Max. Totallee does offer screen protectors for the iPhone 7/8 and 7 Plus/8 Plus on their site as well.

Ideal protector

Totallee iPhone Screen Protector: What I like

If I could design my own screen protector, I don't think I could come with anything better than this. It's super easy to apply perfectly, it practically disappears once it's in place, and it comes with a two-year warranty. This screen protector doesn't interfere with the functionality of my phone and it doesn't add a lot of bulk. It works with all of the cases I've ever tried.

Totallee iPhone Screen Protector

Not indestructable

Totallee iPhone Screen Protector: What I don't like

Obviously, I don't love that it cracked as a result of a four-inch fall. However, it did its job of protecting my iPhone perfectly. And with Totallee's two-year warranty, it's really not a big deal. My only other issue with this protector is that dust does collect around the edges as it would with any kind of adhesive surface. You can probably see the dust in my photos, though it's really not noticeable in real life unless I'm staring right up close.

As good as it gets

Totallee iPhone Screen Protector: Bottom line

Screen protectors don't get any better than this, at least not in my own extensive testing. Between the edge-to-edge protection, easy installation, near invisibility, and two-year warranty, this is the screen protector I want on my phone.

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