Totallee Thin iPhone Case review: Totally the thinnest

Totallee Thin iPhone Case

Because I review so many iPhone cases, people often ask me, "What is the best iPhone case?" That's an impossible question because everyone's needs are different. This is a case for the bare minimalist, the person who would really rather not have a case at all, but wants some protection from scratches and very minor falls. A little protection is better than none.

The Good

  • Extremely light and thin
  • No logo
  • Camera lip
  • Precision fit
  • Doesn't detract from phone's looks

The Bad

  • Pricey for what it is
  • Minimal protection

Barely there

Totallee Thin iPhone Case: What I like

Totallee Thin iPhone Case

Totallee Thin iPhone Case

This super duper thin case is not the sort of case you can expect to protect your phone from a fall. It's bare minimal protection, and that's all some folks want. I'd say this case is thinner than my fingernail. It fits the phone so well it's easy to forget you even have a case on your phone.

The volume and Sleep/Wake button holes are so precisely cut that it almost looks like there metallic button covers. But no, those are the actual iPhone buttons showing through the case. There are precision holes for the Lightning port, speakers, and camera as well. Speaking of the camera, there is a slight protective lip around it so when you set your phone down face up, your camera won't get scratched. However, there is no lip around the edge of the screen for face-down protection. The edges of the case just sort of melt into the phone so you can barely even see where the case ends. Obviously, wireless charging is not affected by this case at all.

Totallee Thin iPhone Case comes in a whole bunch of colors, some of which are translucent so you can see a shadow of the Apple Logo through the case, while others are totally opaque. An interesting thing to note: The Clear case is not only totally sheer, but it is just a bit thicker than the other colors. It's made of a different material which just isn't quite as thin. And unlike the other colors, it does have button covers. It's still what I'd call an ultra-thin case, however.

There is no branding or logo on this case. It's a blank slate.

Totallee Thin iPhone Case

Totallee Thin iPhone Case

Bare protection

Totallee Thin iPhone Case: What I don't like

If you use a case this thin, you just aren't going to get the kind of protection you'd get from a thicker case. Scratch protection, you'll get. But not much more than that. Given that there is so little ... well ... case here, it's not really cheap.

One thing to note - I used the Clear case on my personal phone for a few weeks, and the case itself got a little bit scratched and pitted as you can see in the photo above. To my knowledge, I did not do anything that could have caused that kind of damage to the case. Some people might not notice or care about tiny pits like that, but I noticed it, and it's something to be aware of. My iPhone itself did remain pristine, so whatever accidental minuscule trauma my phone might have been exposed to, the case did its job. As I mentioned above, the Clear case is constructed of a different, thicker material than the other colors. The others do not feel prone to possible pitting like the Clear one.

Slim and minimal

Totallee Thin iPhone Case: Bottom line

For minimalists who want just enough coverage to keep their phones from getting scratched, the Totallee Thin iPhone Case fits the bill. It doesn't detract from your iPhone's beautiful design and it does offer a little bit of protection.

Karen S Freeman

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