TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Band review: Sparkly rainbows and more

TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Rainbow band
(Image: © Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

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Bottom line: This inexpensive stretchy elastic band adds sparkle and whimsy to your Apple Watch.


  • +

    Unfussy elastic band is buckle-free

  • +

    Metallic thread adds sparkle

  • +

    Appealing, fun designs

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  • -

    May not fit everyone correctly

  • -

    Casual, whimsical designs won't appeal to everyone

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Go buckle-free with this slip-on elastic band. Metallic thread woven throughout the band gives it a glittery look. I love the rainbow design, though there are other designs to choose from, such as animal prints.

No buckles

TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Band: Features

TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Rainbow band

TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Rainbow band (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

The TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Band has no buckles; it's simply a length of woven polyester elastic sewn onto stainless steel adapters. The adapters slide on and off of the Apple Watch smoothly and lock into place as they should. The fit and finish are quite lovely.

The band comes in four sizes: 38/40mm Small Wrist, 38/40mm Large Wrist, 42/44mm Small Wrist, and 42/44mm Large Wrist. Before ordering, you'll definitely want to measure your wrist circumference. The small sizes fit wrists that measure 4.7 to 6.3 inches (119 to 160 millimeters) around. The large sizes fit wrists measuring 6.3 to 7.9 inches (160 to 200 millimeters) around.

My wrist measures 5.5 inches around, putting me smack in the middle of the smaller size range. It does fit me well, but it's definitely snug. The elastic is stretchy but firm. While it feels comfortable to wear, it does leave an imprint when I take it off at night. Over time, it has stretched out a little bit, but it's not loose and doesn't move about my wrist at all. It is elastic, so I'm sure it will fit everyone within the size range, but I can't say how comfortable it will be if you're at the top end of the range. It is nice not having to fuss with a buckle, but do keep that in mind.

For fans of fun, whimsical Apple Watch bands, this one's a fabulous and economical choice.

I love the colorful rainbow sewn into this band. Since the colored thread is metallic, it sparkles quite a bit in direct sunlight. As a staunch LGBTQ+ ally, I'll be wearing this band a lot, particularly during June (Pride Month.) Of course, rainbows are beautiful, whether you're making a statement or not, all year round. The TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Band comes in eight different playful designs, all on a black background: Rainbow, Leopard, Rainbow with Pearl (this pattern with plastic pearls sewn on,) Leopard with Pearl, Love (the word LOVE in white letters,) Black Gold (a gold metallic stripe down the middle,) Silver (silver metallic thread all over,) and Black Blue (blue polka dots in various sizes.)

This is definitely more of a casual look, not for formal or business attire. The polyester elastic band lends itself to casual styles, athleisure wear, and workout gear. You can wear it to the gym or go for a swim; the band is comfortable, and you don't have to worry about sweat or water causing any damage to the band. You can even wash it (I'd hand wash it with gentle soap), and air dry it if it gets dirty. TOYOUTHS offers a one-year warranty with a full refund or free replacement if you're not happy with the band for any reason.

Sparkle on

TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Band: What I like

I love a little bling added to my Apple Watch, as it can feel a bit austere or boring with a basic band. This band is anything but basic. Though I realize it won't appeal to everyone's sense of style, I enjoy this sparkly rainbow band on days when I'm dressing casually. The stainless steel adapters are of high quality, so they go on and off the Apple Watch watch just as you'd expect. The elastic makes it quick and easy to slip the Apple Watch on and off your wrist. On me, the fit is comfortable yet snug enough to stay in place nicely. The TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Band comes in a variety of whimsical styles, and the price is so low that you could pick up several.

TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Rainbow band

TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Rainbow band (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

Not for everyone

TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Band: What I don't like

The fit may be a concern if you're not smack in the middle of the size range like I am. I just don't know if the band would be too snug for people at the top of each size range, or too loose for people at the bottom end. Of course, Amazon has a generous return policy, but even if you miss that window, TOYOUTHS offers you a year warranty in which you can get a refund if you're unhappy with it.

Of course, whimsy, sparkle, and bling are not words that everyone wants to be associated with their Apple Watch bands. If you're not into those things, this isn't the band for you.

The fun choice

TOYOUTHS Elastic Apple Watch Band: Bottom line

For fans of fun, whimsical Apple Watch bands, this one's a fabulous and economical choice. Crafted from a simple strip of polyester elastic sewn onto stainless steel Apple Watch adapters, there are no buckles to mess with. Just slip it on your wrist and go. It comes in four sizes, a smaller and larger band size for each Apple Watch size. I fall smack into the middle of the smallest size, and the band fits me well; it's snug but comfortable. I don't know how it would fit someone that falls at either end of the size ranges. Choose from eight different playful styles, including the colorful rainbow design shown here, a leopard print for all you cool cats and kittens, and more.

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