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Apple finally announced new iPad Pros with upgrading specs, new internals, new sensors, and more, and while that's exciting, it's not nearly as exciting to me as the new Magic Keyboard. That's right, I'm more excited about a keyboard than the actual new iPad, and it's all because of that brand new trackpad.

While the iPad Pro still rides the line between a full laptop and a tablet, the launch of iPadOS 13 last year did give the ability for iPads to use a mouse or a trackpad via Bluetooth or a wired connection. It was a welcome change for lots of users who wanted more control over where they were tapping/clicking, not to mention a huge boon for people who needs help with a touchscreen due to mobility issues, but it was a bit of a clunky system.

How to use a mouse or trackpad with your iPhone or iPad

We all know how Bluetooth can be a little unreliable at maintaining a solid connection sometimes, and not to mention Bluetooth mice and trackpads need to be charged (albeit not that often), which can sometimes mean you're stuck without a mouse when you really want one, but no more.

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iPad Pro Magic KeyboardSource: Apple

The new Magic Keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is finally giving us a much simpler way of utilizing the iPadOS software by giving us a built-in trackpad. No longer will you have to worry about connecting a Bluetooth mouse and then going into the accessibility menu to set up your mouse. You're going to be able to put your iPad Pro in the case and start using the trackpad as you would on your Mac laptop, no fuss at all. It will truly feel like magic, and because it's a bespoke system from Apple, it's going to feel much better than the clunky workaround system we had before. Plus, Apple also has made the new Magic Keyboard compatible with the 2018 models of iPad Pro so you don't need to upgrade to the newest device to take advantage of this new keyboard.

Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy that the ability to use a Bluetooth mouse with your iPad exists and this new Magic Keyboard doesn't change that. If you want or need to use a mouse with your iPad Pro, you still can, but now there's a well-implemented solution directly from the source, and more options are always better.

Built-in trackpad

2020 iPad Pro

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

A trackpad with your keyboard.

Ever wanted to use a trackpad with your iPad Pro? Now you can, and it just so happens to have a keyboard attached to it as well.

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