Tuber+ for iPhone and iPad review: YouTube the way it should be

If you watch a lot of YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad, you've probably already found that there aren't a lot of options if you don't fancy the official YouTube app. I've always felt it wasn't very full featured and by a happy mistake, stumbled across Tuber+ for iPhone and iPad last week. Not only does it have the same features of the official YouTube app, but adds even more that many regular YouTube users want.

For starters, Tuber+ allows you to set default video quality, a feature that is lacking in the official app. Obviously, if a video isn't available in the quality option you've chosen, it'll just stream in what's available. You'll also notice that videos that are available in HD will say so by an icon in the upper right hand corner.

When looking at Tuber+ from a UI point of view, it's got a great layout that's easy to use and navigate around. Tapping the menu button in the upper left hand corner will slide out the main menu which will allow you to log in to your YouTube account if you aren't already. Underneath that you can view your own videos, subscriptions, your watch later list, and all the rest of the usual suspects.

When it comes to actually playing video, Tuber+ streams video quickly and efficiently. Tapping on any video within a playlist or a topic will take you to a summary screen. You'll see the video description and have the option to view comments, leave a comment, and view related videos. To play a video, just tap on the play button. It'll natively load inside the window but tapping the maximize button will bring it to full screen. From the video summary screen you also have the option to add it to your watch later list, add to favorites, add to a playlist, or subscribe to that channel. And of course, there's an option for AirPlay on the playback screen as well.

You also have a settings menu in Tuber+ that contains quite a few options to customize the app. You can access it by tapping the gear in the upper right hand corner. Here you can customize search options, including an option to only filter HD videos, as well as some other refinement options. You can also toggle between light and dark themes or choose a default video streaming quality.

The good

  • Better interface than the native app
  • Search refinements make results a lot more relevant
  • Accessing commonly used features such as commenting or adding to playlists or the watch later section are easily accessible
  • Native options to share via SMS, email, Twitter, and Facebook

The bad

  • It'd be nice if video preview thumbnails were a little smaller so more results filtered on the screen at once instead of having to do so much scrolling

The bottom line

There's only a handful of good YouTube apps out there that are acceptable alternatives to the native app, and Tuber+ is one of them. Everything from the way the app is designed to where controls and playback options are just make sense.

The only thing I'd like to see added in an update is the ability to automatically switch from light to dark themes automatically given the time of day. It's just easier on the eyes and something a lot of users have grown accustomed to liking. It's definitely not a deal breaker though.

  • $1.99 - [Download Now]( -for-youtube/id555919650?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im)
Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.