Plash on MacSource: Oliver Haslam / iMore

What you need to know

  • Plash is a free download from the Mac App Store.
  • It turns websites into interactive desktops.
  • Now you need never leave again.

If you're tired of trying to find the right desktop wallpaper, a free Mac app has the answer. No, it doesn't rotate boring, static images for you – it puts the web on your desktop instead.

Plash can be downloaded from the Mac App Store (via 9to5Mac) and it's all very simple indeed. All you need to do is open the app's menu bar icon and give it a URL and it gets to work. You can tweak things like opacity if you want, and there's even a reload interval option for websites that are updated regularly. But there is no need to fiddle with any options beyond that.

Plash enables you to have a highly dynamic desktop wallpaper. You could display your favorite news site, Facebook feed, or a random beautiful scenery photo. The use-cases are limitless. You could even set an animated GIF as wallpaper.

Plash is going to work better with some websites than others, but it could definitely be useful for things like web-based calendars or sports scores. Whatever you use it for, Plash won't cost you a penny. And that's probably the most amazing part of all.

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