Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac brings Tapbots' signature look into the age of Yosemite

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The transition from the old, richly textured look of Apple software to the current, more physical age meant a lot of designers and apps had to figure out how to translate their personality from rendered pixels to physics and animation. Tapbots and designer Mark Jardine had among the most distinctive styles of the previous era. Tweetbot 3 for iPhone showed that his skills were every bit as fierce in the post iOS-era. So how do they hold up post-Yosemite?

I've been testing Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac since it went into beta, and I've gotten so used to it I had to go back and try the original version again to remind myself what it looked like. Though the spirit is very much the same, the look is all new.

It's not exactly like the iPhone version any more than Yosemite was like iOS 7. The themes and goals are similar, but the nature and needs of the Mac take priority.

Beyond design, Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac is functionally very close to Tweetbot 3.5 for iPhone.

I'm not a fan of the direction Twitter's taken their apps, and Tweetdeck feels more mechanical than human, so alternatives like Tweetbot are essential for me. The previous version was functionally okay but had fallen well out of date with the look and feel of the modern Mac. Tweetbot 2.0 fixes that.

That the redesign took so long is possibly equal parts Mark figuring out what he wanted to do, the realities of a tiny indie company with several apps to maintain and improve, and the lack of viable upgrade options on the Mac App Store forcing redesign down on the priority list.

The first two I understand completely. I want boutique, artisanal apps that are crafted and considered rather than stamped out. The last one I get but regret. There's arguably no feature as valuable as usability, and that's what design is all about. It's not something most people are willing to pay for, which makes it hard to justify the time and investment.

I'm glad Tapbots did it anyway, even if it took a while. I wish I could throw some money at them in appreciation, but they're giving this one away for free. If you own it already, simply cue the update. If not, it's well worth the current asking price. And then some.

Rene Ritchie

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  • This looks amazing, and I am thrilled that it is a free update, thought I personally, as someone that thinks devs like Tapbots deserve support, would of been just as eager to pay for the new version. Thank you Tapbots!
  • This is a very, very good day.
  • See my prior comment in the other article about Mind Node's update. I hate that stuff, a new update and they charge you again. Same for Fantastical, which I had the prior version, them BAM! a new version comes out to the tune of what, $50? THIS is how it's done. I love this app.
  • I saw the prior comment on the Mindnode article and immediatly download it. I love great software and want to keep getting more of them for that reason I pay for good software and understand that on going development is expensive so I do not expect to have every future version for FREE. Is just not logical. Just because I paid Audi for my 2013 car do not mean I will get the 2014 for free or that Apple should give me a free iPhone 6S free just because I paid for the 6. The same reasoning applies to software.
  • Did you pay for updates for OS X? Oh, and I can down vote you as well. Just because you don't agree with me, there are thousands and thousands of people out there who agree with me. So keep on paying, dude.
  • I am not sure since when you are using OS X but I paid for OS X update until Mavericks when Apple dropped the paid upgrades. So yes I pay for OS X updates for like 14 years. It's just not rational to think Devs specially small ones can keep working on apps in perpetuity with no revenues.
  • I paid for the frickin Mac it runs on, and Apple won't give me the 2015 model for free either, bud.
  • Meh. Been waiting for an updated design for the iPad since iOS 7. I have given up waiting and have gone with Twitterrific.
  • I too have given up waiting for the iPad version to get updated. I really don't understand why they don't make a universal app. As for the desktop I've given up on any kind of Twitter client. I use my phone for 99% of my online activity. The laptop is for heavy CPU tasks only now. Sent from the iMore App
  • Stock twitter app on the desktop, too... works pretty well.
  • Same here. Deleted all versions and just using the stock Twitter app which has gotten quite good.
    May try Twitterrific (used it in the past before Tweetbot came out).
  • I didn't like the redesign of the iPhone app. They changed the function of a simple swipe to something useless (to me) without making it a choice in settings. I'm hoping the new Mac version at least lets you configure some of the shortcuts. Upgrading now but I'm keeping a copy of the old one zipped, just in case.
  • So far so good, don't love the new look but then again I don't love Yosemite's overall look that much either. Overall I would say a nice upgrade to v1.
  • Disappointed it doesn't support quoted tweets format like the two main 3rd party Twitter apps I can't decide between.
  • Bout damn time! Glad to see the visual change. This is one app that I have open all the time so the visual change is welcome. I don't mind paying for new features but glad they kept this free since the change is mostly visual. Sent from the iMore App
  • Like the update very much.. BUT.. It´s eating up my Macbook Air Battery like a ...... Anyone else experiencing this issue?