Tweetbot once again redefines Twitter for iPhone

Tweetbot just hit the US App Store and boy is it a beauty. Tapbots has done it again and designed an application that is not only functional and pretty, but an artistic masterpiece that I cannot keep my hands off of. I was an instant critic when I read Tapbots' claim that Tweetbot is "a twitter client with personality", but they're right.

A text review can hardly do this app justice because it is impossible to put into words how beautifully Tweetbot is made. Sure, I can describe how, at your touch, a tweet slides up revealing a navigation bar while simultaneous emitting the perfect sound. I can explain that swiping a tweet to right reveals the conversation and swiping to left displays related tweets. I can tell you about smart gestures, multiple timelines, and customizable navigation. I can even spew out a concrete list of every feature that Tweetbot includes. What I can't provide you, however, is the experience.

The problem with Twitter clients these days is that they're all the same. Yes, the same. Sure, the features vary (slightly) between them and some come with cool themes. The experiences, however, are too alike. I used to get excited when a new Twitter app was released because each app offered something different, something new. Today, they all feel the same. What happened? When users flocked to a particular Twitter app, other devs copied what made that app special. Individualization was lost. Now the App Store is basically filled with slight variations of the same app - with the exception of Tweetbot.

Tweetbot is different. It's innovative and refreshing. Tweetbot isn't an app you use, it's one you interact with. Everything has an animation, a sound, a beautiful interface. And true to Tapbots' style, the sounds are subtle and pleasant - enriching the experience.

In case you can't tell, I'm a huge fan of Tweetbot, but it isn't for everybody. Tweetbot is full-featured, but doesn't have every possible feature known to those in the Twitter app world. Tweetbot doesn't have a mute option or display in-line photos. It doesn't have multiple themes or native push notifications (but it's compatible with Boxcar). If these features are deal-breakers to you, then Tweetbot isn't for you. Not yet anyway.

For those who are suckers for design, innovation, and dare I say, personality, Tweetbot will rock your world.

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • Amazing how interconnected iPhone and Twitter are. Twitterrific was one of the first iPhone apps, before there was even an App Store. Tweetie redefined the social client again, and now TweetBot has given another fresh take. One type of app, one platform, so much creativity and innovation.
  • Well said. On that note, I hope that Tweetbot leads iOS toward more granular customization and better use of touch input to improve OS navigation.
  • looks awesome! downloading it right now!
  • Having a iOS/webOS/Android devices, I can say finally there is a unique twitter client for iOS. All the big name people use felt kinda boring and the same on iOS, same for Android, webOS does have some unique taste on twitter. Glad to see this is out now and it looks great.
  • This is dynamite. Love it!
  • Looks great! Can anyone tell me the pros and cons in comparison to Twitbird Pro though? I've been wanting to try something new but nothing has given me the competitive edge to download and install a new Twitter app when compared to Twitbird Pro. This one looks like it can, but I'd rather have a comparison before I buy. Anyone?
  • Just got this app it's very nice well made software. I would recommend it to anyone
  • I wish I could but sadly my old 2nd Gen iPod touch can't run this app XD
  • Do not give up hope. They are aware of this. They advised a bug reference Apple's compiler, and they did not test their app enough. They have already sumitted a fix for the iPhone 3G, and the iPod Touch 2G
  • Awesome, the fix can't come fast enough lol. I just thought it was too awesome to run on ancient devices :O
  • a few minutes into it fiddling and i love it! the only think i feel is missing, and i really do mean ONLY thing. is lack of auto refresh when in-app (a la Osfoora) i have to pull down everytime i want to check new tweets coming in.
    but the graphics and the animation are just incredibly smooth! totally recommend!
  • After trying it, I feel like its like many other apps, just with a really really nice GUI. Sure some of the functions are different, but its like assigning new commands to same things. >_< Sticking with Twitter for iPhone for its native push though. Boxcar is nice, but its an extra step in between.
  • This app is the Mona Lisa of Twitter applications. Just... wow.
  • I still feel SimplyTweet is better: it is as pretty, has every feature of Tweetbot, has true push notifications (I dont want to have to install a 2nd app like Boxcar for notifications), and SimplyTweet has additional features such as built-in language translation (something I sometimes find useful).
    But, Tweetbot does look nice... just not nice enough to replace SimplyTweet. If they add true push notifications and translation, I'll give it a try.
  • Agreed! SimplyTweet remains king of the hill.
  • If they're all the same, how come I can't find even one with all the features I'd like to have?
  • I'm really liking it. :)
  • I love it, and am happy to wait for native push notifications. I'm not that big a twitter user anyway, and I like to support Tapbots.
  • After using it all night, and still, I do love the UI! It's so clean and really impressive. It can be a little clunky at times however, or maybe I just follow/have too many followers for it to load. At times I'm confused to where things are (like it told me I had a draft but couldn't find it for awhile until I realized it was "hidden" within the New Tweet function) but I know that's just because it's new and I'm used to Twitbird. Overall I like it and can see it being used in my daily life seeing as I tweet a lot (almost on my 40,000th tweet haha).
  • Love that tweetbot remembers the position in the timeline!
    Hoping for an iPad version :)
  • Push isn't a deal-breaker by itself, but there's just no excuse for devs to overlook it anymore. After all, push has only been available on iOS for... how long?
  • It sure looks better than the other "bots" whose UI I don't like at all, but in-line photo display and native push are basic requirements I look for in a Twitter app, so no go for me (yet). I'm sticking with Echofon Pro.
  • This app has completely redefined the way I post 140 characters to a micro-blogging site. As opposed to the way I posted 140 characters to a micro-blogging site before.
  • After 24 hours I already really LOVE Tweetbot (just like all the other Tapbots apps) but I really HATE the fact that once again they decided to release an iPhone only version instead of making it a universal app…!
  • Is this a paid advert? A very nice looking app but c'mon! It's not THAT nice looking to gush over it so much. The lack of advanced features like in-line Media, really make this not worth the measley $1.99 the app costs. It's even missing Notifications which should be standard in a twitter app.
    Do everything other Twitter apps do AND MORE and I'll gladly pay MORE for the app.
    Create a well-made-for-the-smaller-screen version of Flipboard for the iPad, and I'll pay ANY price!
  • I really like this app, it's lacking a few features (push, inline pics, etc); but to echo what everyone has already said it has a gorgeous UI and personality. For $1.99, try it out!
  • I'm really digging this twitter app. One thing though, how do I change the last 2 categories from favorites and search? I cannot find it anywhere.
  • Tap and hold the tab.
  • That's what she said.
  • wow. 17 seconds in. amazing.
  • Can someone please explain how I can view all tweets from someone's profile? For instance, someone says, "Hey, check out recent @Joe tweets for ___". I can tap on @Joe to see his profile...but no buttons for tweets?!?
  • The speech bubble tab on the bottom is all of their tweets. The @ tab is all tweets mentioning them. The star is their favorites.
  • Thank you SO much for this. I have been trying to figure that out since downloading the app. Lol
  • If a Twitter app makes this many of you so happy, the human race has already lost to Skynet.
  • The posters on Engadget and BGR have already sealed our fate. :)
  • Everything is compatible with Boxcar. It's not some crazy custom hive of dev APIs. It's Boxcar. I use it for email and to get notifications from servers.
  • Tweetbot is awesome in its UI and feature set. But it's completely dead on arrival for me because it doesn't have landscape mode in text entry boxes.
  • Yeah, and where is it in the built-in browser?!? What is this, 2008? Lol.
    I read on their blog and landscape support is coming...
  • Yeh...where the heck is landscape? You can't even watch a YouTube link in landscape! They definitely have to fix that...
  • How Do You Get The '#' In The Trends? Is It A Setting??
  • How can you find local trending topics and how can you see the number of tweets you've sent/others have sent, etc.?
  • For the trending topics, click on the search icon which is bottom, all the way on the right hand side. 1st set is saved searches, and below that is the Trending topics. Interesting it seems it doesn't list the #tags trending topics. As for # of tweets for users...err, seems to be a no go for now. I can't find it.
  • We are giving away a copy of the application here - -Check it out.
  • Can I just say, Leanna, that you have a great voice.
  • now that ive been using it as my daily twitter app i have a few things that i dont like about it:
    1. like i said earlier, no auto-update like in osfoora, which to me after getting used to it it's hard to keep swiping down to refresh. (tedious)
    2. the compose screen is very bland, and to mention someone or write a hashtag, you need to dig for that particular name or hashtag. forget about the hashtags, i just NEED auto-complete for usernames. even the website itself has it! c'mon!
    3. no tweetlonger option.... sometimes 140 isnt enough afterall
    4. no url shortening.
    im sure alot of these things will get fixed in coming iterations but for now im back to osfoora.
    P.S. the way they provide list views is by far the best one ive seen in an app yet! so big props on that.
  • Get a room.
  • I delight in, result in I discovered just what I was looking for. You've ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye