Twelve South unveils BookBook Vol. 2 for iPad Pro

If you own an Apple product, you've probably heard of Twelve South's BookBook. Its iconic leather bound book design has been a favorite of tech bloggers for years. The newly designed, Vol. 2, which was previously updated for the MacBook, is now updated for the 2018 model iPad Pro.

Vol. 2 of the BookBook for iPad Pro has been updated with some fantastic new features that fans have been waiting for. The case now has a hard shell interior, which protects the iPad Pro better than ever and leaves the display exposed for your edge-to-edge needs. It also has additional room at the top, convenient for storing your Apple Pencil 2 while charging it on the go.

Twelve South is also finally admitting defeat and including support for taking photos and video with an iPad by including a back cover camera window. As much as we might cringe at watching people take photos with their iPad, people do it and we shouldn't judge them for it.

There is also a secret hidden compartment inside where you can slip your important documents, and even a slim Bluetooth keyboard like Logitech's ultra-slim Keys-To-Go.

Like previous iterations of the BookBook, Vol. 2 supports multiple viewing angles. You can lay it completely flat for reading, prop it up at a slight angle for sketching, or stand it upright for video chats.

BookBook Vol. 2 for the 2018 iPad Pro is available today from the company website for the 11-inch for $90 and 12.9-inch model for $100.

We'll have a hands-on full review coming soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Lory Gil

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