UAG Plyo iPhone Case review: Tough but light

Most cases that you can get for the iPhone are either heavy-duty cases that are bulky, or lightweight cases that aren't very protective. So you have to choose which feature is more important to you, excellent protection or a svelte design? Plyo is that "just right" sort of case that offers great protection without bulking up your phone in a major way.

The Good

  • Lightweight
  • Protective
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Comes in several colors
  • Doesn't interfere with phone use
  • Textured for grip

The Bad

  • Picks up scratches and fingerprints
  • Not cheap

Light and strong

UAG Plyo iPhone Case: Features

UAG Plyo iPhone case

Urban Armor Gear, or UAG, is known for its tough but lightweight cases, and Plyo is no exception. It's a single piece of plastic with reinforced corners, top, and bottom. The edges have ridges for extra grippiness. The name UAG is engraved tastefully on the outside towards the bottom. The center of the case is slightly beveled inwards in a loose hourglass shape. I'm not sure this serves any purpose other than looks. But it might serve to lighten up the case a bit in an area that needs less protection, away from the edges.

There are cut-outs for the camera, speakers, Lightning port, and mute switch. The Sleep/Wake and volume buttons have button covers that are satisfyingly clicky.

The UAG Plyo case walks the line between lightness and toughness.

All iPhone functions, including wireless charging, work within the Plyo case. A slightly raised lip around the edge of the case protects the iPhone screen in case you're placing it face-down. Because the case is slightly flexible, it's easy to put on and take off. The case isn't at all sticky; it's easy to pull in and out of pockets and it doesn't collect lint. It does collect fingerprints and scratches pretty easily, however.

Plyo comes in five colors. The case you see in my photos is Ash (gray), plus there is Crimson (red), Ice (clear), Glacier (blue), and Pink (fuchsia).

Thoughtful design

UAG Plyo iPhone Case: What I like

Thin iPhone cases tend to be more aesthetically pleasing, while thicker cases tend to be more protective. I like that this case is specifically designed to please both camps. The thoughtful design packs about as much protection as possible in a relatively thin package. I like that this covers all the bases. I also like that UAG offers five different color choices.

Plyo is a very comfortable case in the hand. I do love the clicky button covers and the case's grippiness.

UAG Plyo iPhone case

Fingerprints and scratches

UAG Plyo iPhone Case: What I don't like

My case has a couple of scratches on the inside of it and I don't even know how they got there. It also gets fingerprints very quickly, probably because it's such a shiny case.

Also, while I don't consider this to be a wildly expensive case, it's not cheap either. It doesn't "look expensive," it's plastic, after all. Still, I think it's worthwhile to pay for a good quality case to protect your pricey phone, but I know some people would rather not.

Nice compromise

UAG Plyo iPhone Case: Bottom line

Plyo isn't the heaviest-duty case you can find, nor is it the absolute lightest and thinnest. But it's an excellent compromise between the two extremes.

Karen S Freeman

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