UE Boom 2 vs. UE Boom 1: What's the difference?

The UE Boom 2 speaker isn't all that different from its predecessor, but it does get a little louder, ever so slightly bigger, and a lot more portable.

We'll take you through some key differences between the UE Boom 1 and the UE Boom 2 to help you decide whether or not it's worth it to upgrade.


Whereas the UE Boom 1 pumped out 88 decibels of kapooyah, the UE Boom 2 upped things just a smidge to 90, which won't mean too much in terms of overall volume, but it will allow you to crank it a little more without worrying about distortion.

Each driver is about a quarter-inch bigger, though that hasn't changed the speaker sensitivity, but it will make for somewhat noticeably clearer sound at any volume.

The main thing to take away is that, if you loved the sound of the UE Boom 1, you'll be totally pleased with the UE Boom 2's performance.


This is where the UE Boom 2 shines over the 1. While the UE Boom 1 had an IPX4 water and dust-resistance rating, the 2 has an IPX7, which means it's all but waterproof and shock-proof. Like Tech Radar said, "what used to be the best Bluetooth speaker around for most occasions is now the best one for every occasion."

IPX7 means that the UE Boom 2 can be submerged into 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The 1 was only splash-proof, so the upgrade is stark and a massive boon for the 2.

Battery life

While the battery life remains the same between models, at 15 hours (depending on usage and environmental conditions), the UE Boom 2 massively improves on charge time.

It takes almost 3.5 hours to charge the UE Boom 1, while the UE Boom 2 shaves off an entire hour, going from 0 to 100% in 2.5 hours.


Just how far away can you be from a UE Boom while it's playing? The UE Boom 1 boasts a 50-foot mobile range, which is rather impressive for Bluetooth.

The UE Boom 2, on the other hand, doubles that range to 100 feet, meaning you'll have incredibly clear sound from really far away.

To compare, the Bose Soundlink, one of the best Bluetooth speakers available, only has a range of 30 feet.


Now that the UE Boom 2 is out, the UE Boom 1 has dropped significantly. In fact, you can get it in black for around $120 on Amazon. If you want a different color, then you could pay upward of $150.

The UE Boom 2 is $200 right now and probably won't drop any time soon, but it is worth every penny if a ruggedly portable speaker with excellent sound is what you're after.


You obviously want to personalize your UE Boom or Boom 2, so you'll be pleased to know that you can get both in eight different colors each.

The UE Boom is available in: black, red, white, camo, Lake Moss Green, Northern Light, Pink Vibe, and the Skrillex Edition.

The UE Boom 2 is available in: BrainFreeze, Cherrybomb, Green Machine, Phantom, Tropical, Yeti, and two limited edition designs.

The bottom line

The UE Boom 2 is indeed an upgrade from the 1, with its waterproof rating, faster charge time, and doubled mobile range.

Whereas the UE Boom 1 is impressive for a Bluetooth speaker, the UE Boom 2 is impressive, period.

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