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Megaboom 3

Budget choice


Not all technology upgrades are necessary. However, in the case of the Megaboom 3, upgrading is what you should do. The newer model is a significant upgrade from the original Megaboom with better sound and better protection.

$200 at Amazon


  • Introduction of the "Magic" button
  • IP67 certified
  • 20 hours between charges
  • Charging port moved to the side
  • Compatible with Ultimate Ears' Power Up
  • Louder sound possible, more bass


  • A bit heavier than the original
  • Still Micro-USB, not USB-C

The original Megaboom remains a good choice if you're looking to spend less money. This model still packs a punch despite being a first-generation model.

$140+ at Amazon


  • 20 hours between charges
  • More unique color choices
  • Great deals available


  • Charging port on the bottom
  • Only IPX7 certified

The Megaboom 3 and Megaboom comparison comes down to sound and convenience. You'll need to decide whether the clear differences make the higher price for the newer one worth it for you.

A breakdown

The Megaboom is one of my favorite Bluetooth speakers and remains so even after the introduction of the Megaboom 3. Despite this, if I was in the market for a new speaker, I'd pay extra and buy the newer one. The updates are really worth the price.

Megaboom 3 Megaboom
Dimensions 225mm x 87mm 226mm by 83mm
Weight 925g 877g
Colors 4 5
Waterproof IP67 IPX7
Battery life 20 hours 20 hours
Charging time 2.5 hours 2.5 hours
Wireless range 45m 33m
Customizable EQ Yes Yes
Frequency Response 60Hz - 20kHz 65Hz - 20kHz
Maximum sound level 90dBA 90dBA
Charging dock Yes No

The newer model is water and dustproof, as opposed to only waterproof for the original. Also, the Megaboom 3 is the only one of the two that works with the Ultimate Ears Power Up charging disk, which is available through a separate purchase (no more ugly charging cables). The Megaboom 3 also features a more modern design as you can see above.

Regardless of the Megaboom model you select, each has been designed to provide a maximized 360-degree sound experience that has become a signature for wireless speakers from Ultimate Ears. The Megaboom 3 is a significant update; it's the one that's easier to charge, offers more powerful sound, and has a higher protection level. Plus, there's the magic button, which lets you play, pause, and skip tracks directly from the speaker. More important, this button lets you instantly access playlists through your Apple Music or Deezer Premium subscription (you can set this up in the Ultimate Ears app). The Megaboom 3 also has a Hang Loop which makes it easier to carry around.

This doesn't mean everyone should buy the newer of the two models. For much less, you can purchase the original Megaboom and still get similar battery life and charging time. You'll also notice the same frequency response and maximum sound level. Also, the original Megaboom still connects to up to 150 other Booms via PartyUp to create a magical sound experience like no other. You just can't use it with the Power Up, Ultimate Ears' stylist charger that works with all the newest models.

However, the Megaboom 3, being the newest model, is going to last you longer. It's extra money, but it's all worth it for the upgraded features.

Powerful Boom

Megaboom 3

A terrific update

No major flaws here. The Megaboom 3 is a great upgrade and will give you years of enjoyment. Buy more than one to pair and Party Up.

Almost there


For those on a budget

The original is still a beast. Find the color you want, throw it in the water if you'd like, and enjoy. Just note you're not getting the best sound Ultimate Ears has to offer.

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