Best Screen Protectors for the iPhone XS iMore 2021

Congratulations, you just got a shiny iPhone XS in your hands, but now comes the tough part: protecting that gorgeous phone. Whether you want to go naked or put a case on it, you should always have at least a screen protector to keep that glass panel safe and sound. After all, it just takes one slip of the hand and BAM! A cracked screen. Here are our top recommendations, just for you!

Best for most: amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Staff Pick

amFilm provides three high-quality tempered glass screen protectors for a great price on Amazon, and we've seen them on sale for even less. You also get a microfibre cloth, dust removal stickers, three alcohol cleaning wet wipes, and a full guide on how to ensure the perfect installation. Plus, if you do mess up, you have two other chances to get it right.

£5 at Amazon

Trusted: Anker GlassGuard Screen Protector

Anker is a trusted brand name in the tech industry, so you know you're getting quality with the GlassGuard two-pack. It also provides double the defence to your screen. It's composed of two layers rather than one and Anker even includes everything you need for fast and straightforward installation.

£7 on Amazon

Durable: JETech Tempered Screen Protector

JETech's Tempered Screen Protector for iPhone XS/X is one of the better-priced options out there without sacrificing much. With JETech, you get a screen protector that looks flush and feels like your device's screen itself, and this two-pack is reasonably priced.

£4 on Amazon

Alignment frame: ESR Tempered Screen Protector

The ESR tempered screen protectors provide maximum protection for the screen area and are compatible with cases, so you don't sacrifice any protection. It also comes with an alignment frame, which makes application effortless.

£7 on Amazon

Case-Friendly: Klearlook Glass Screen Protector

The Klearlook Glass Screen Protector is a reliable, anti-scratch screen protector that'll save your iPhone XS from damage. It's easy to install and leaves a minimal space around the edges in order to make it easy to equip a case for your phone.

£8 on Amazon

Premium: TORRAS Screen Protector

This screen protector is a little pricier than the others, but that's to be expected with quality like this. Not only is the screen protector responsive to the touch, but it also works superbly with 3D face recognition, meaning you won't need to take the screen protector off if you want to access your phone through that method.

$25 on Amazon

Protect your iPhone's screen with a reliable screen protector

You just dropped a lot of money on a new phone, so the least you should do is ensure it's protected and maintained well. These are the best screen protectors that we know of on Amazon, and none of them are too expensive. I went with the amFilm for my iPhone XS because its Nintendo Switch tempered screen protectors are still going strong on my console, so I trust the quality.

The premium choice, the TORRAS Screen Protector is worth the extra money. While any of the protectors on this list are going to be similar in protective ability, the difference between them is the way they look and feel on your phone. Not only is the TORRAS screen protector great for facial recognition but once installed you can also barely see it or feel it due to its perfect size and shape. This allows you to enjoy your iPhone XS the way it was intended.

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