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Ultimate Ears Megablast

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Ultimate Ears Blast

The Megablast is the most powerful speaker Ultimate Ears makes, and it features Alexa integration, so you can set timers, play your favorite streaming services, and control your smart home devices.

$175 - $250 at Amazon


  • Wi-Fi and Alexa integration
  • Powerful bass
  • IP67 water resistance
  • Customizable EQ


  • No 3.5mm jack
  • MSRP is expensive

When you can get the Blast on sale (very often on Amazon), it's a great Bluetooth addition to your speaker arsenal. Though Alexa integration is somewhat finicky, it adds to a decent speaker that's portable and water-resistant.

$100 - $175 at Amazon


  • Wi-Fi and Alexa integration
  • Power Up charging dock compatible
  • IP67 water resistance
  • Drop-proof to one meter


  • MSRP is very expensive
  • Not compatible with the Boom app
  • Sound quality is poor at high volumes

The breakdown

The Megablast and Blast are essentially two classes of the same speaker, as the name might imply. However, the Megablast, along with more powerful, well-rounded sound, also has some extra features that make it a win in our book.

Megablast Blast
Battery life 16 hours 12 hours
Water resistance IP67 IP67
Alexa integration Yes Yes
Wi-Fi range 100 meters 100 meters
Bluetooth range 45 meters 45 meters
Customizable EQ Yes No
Frequency range 60Hz - 20kHz 90Hz - 20kHz

The key differences between these two speakers are size and compatibility with the Boom app. The Megablast is an altogether more powerful speaker simply because it's larger — it has a wider frequency range, capable of deeper, richer bass, and it becomes less distorted at full volume.

The Megablast is also controllable with the Boom app, which lets you control playback, turn the speaker on and off, and customize the equalizer to your liking: more bass, drop the mids, crank the treble, whatever you like.

Both speakers do feature full Amazon integration, so you're able to voice command Spotify, Deezer, and the rest of the streaming services you love. Plus, you can use Alexa's full range of Skills, with the ability to control your smart home devices. Both speakers also have an IP67 water resistance rating, which means they can survive under one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Since you can often get the Megablast on Amazon for under $200, there's no doubt that it's the clear winner here. It's an altogether better speaker, and the fact that you can change the EQ to your liking puts it way ahead of the Blast. Being able to get it below $200 puts the price close to the Blast's, so the latter's lower price tag is negligible. At this point, given the quality of the Boom 3, Megaboom 3, and the price difference between the Megablast and Blast, the Blast should just be discontinued altogether.

Our pick


The best for most people

The Ultimate Ears Megablast has a satisfying low end, full control of streaming services and smart home devices through Alexa, and full control through the Boom app, making it the best portable speaker that Ultimate Ears offers.

Bottom rung


Even with Alexa, it's the least appealing

While the Blast provides a more portable Alexa and decent sound, it just doesn't stack up to the Megablast or other "lesser" speakers in Ultimate Ears' lineup. Only go for it if you want something more compact than the Megablast.

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