According to a mass of Apple emails, iPhone 4 delivery trucks will be out a day early (or a couple days early if yesterday was any indication!). Are you waiting at home or at work for your shiny new iPhone 4 to arrive? Let us know your delivery status in the comments -- from at the hub to on the truck to in your hands! (And yeah, when you get it, run -- don't walk -- to the iPhone Forum. and post your pics!)

Meanwhile, here's how to get ready while you wait:

Make sure you're running iTunes 9.2

You need iTunes 9.2 in order to activate iPhone 4). Apple released it last Wednesday so, if you haven't gotten it already, hit Software Update and download the latest, or get it directly from Apple. [iTunes 9.2].

Update your apps

iPhone 4 has that gorgeous Retina Display, so you'll want to make sure you've got the updated apps to show it off! Also, one of iOS 4's biggest new features is multitasking, especially saved state (so your apps restart where you left them), and background audio, location, and VoIP (so you can listen to streaming music, get turn-by-turn directions, and answer internet phone calls even when not in the apps). However, developers have to update their apps for iOS 4 compatibility. That means new versions will be showing up in iTunes on the desktop or App Store on your iPhone/iPod touch, and that means you'll have to update to them.

Depending on how fast developers get the updates done, how fast Apple approves them, how many apps you have, and how big they are, this process could take a while. Might as well get started while you're waiting.

(We're keeping an eye out for major iOS 4 apps and compatibility updates so bookmark that link for future reference).

Backup your data

If you're moving from an older model iPhone, like the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS, or even an iPod touch, and you want to transfer over your settings and data, you'll need to back it up first. Once you have iTunes installed, plug in your old iPhone and/or iPod touch and sync it. Anything you've purchased or updated on-device will also be transferred safely to your Windows/Mac library, and the position of any media you're currently enjoying recorded so you can keep going from the same place once your iPhone 4 has been synced to the same computer and iTunes account. (It'll ask if you want to restore from backup).

Remember, if you haven't synced in a while it could take a few minutes to backup. Don't be impatient, let it run.

Also remember to launch iPhoto on your Mac or your favorite image capture program on Windows and copy over any photos you've taken on your old iPhone. Losing your Camera Roll, especially if it has a lot of special moments recorded, is something to be avoided at all costs.

Get up to speed on iOS 4

Once everything is done and ready, and if you're still waiting for your iPhone 4 to arrive, why not check out our complete iOS 4 walkthrough so once you're up and running you can spend your time enjoying the new functionality, not trying to discover it.

Jump into the forums and learn more

Did we mention how smart TiPb forum members are? If you have any lingering questions or need any additional help, or you just want to relax and chat with like-minded iOS enthusiasts and technology adepts, head on over to the iPhone Forum.

Best community on the 'net, check it out.

Anything else?

Did we forget anything or just plain get something wrong? Any tips or tricks you use before getting ready to rock your iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments and we'll update.

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