Vaja premium leather cases for iPhone and iPad: Agenda, LP, and Lèger review

The Vaja premium leather cases, including the Agenda for iPad, and the LP and Lèger cases for iPhone. The look is gorgeous, the feel is incredible, and the manufacturing quality is more than impressive. But do they work as good as they look and feel?

For the most part, yes. Let's be clear -- The Vaja Agenda, LP, and Lèger cases are absolutely sumptuous and decadent and are meant to be shown off as much as used, like an amazing designer purse or shows.

From texture to stitch, the hand craftsmanship is amazing

The fit and finish as well, down to the Vaja clasp.

They're also really protective, and though you might cringe at damaging such pretty leather, the Agenda, LP, and Lèger cases will keep your iPad and iPhone safe from bumps and scrapes. The protection comes at the price of some added bulk, but nothing beyond what any quality leather product such as wallet or even sunglass case would provide.

You do have to pretty much remove your iPhone from the Lèger case in order to use it. That's the price of a pouch, after all. And the cover on the LP doesn't really do anything useful, like transform into a stand, when you flip it back. It kind of just stays there, flipped and nothing more. Conversely, the Agenda's cover does convert into a stand, though landscape only.

The good

  • Stunning design
  • Premium materials
  • Fantastic, hand-crafted quality
  • Wide selection of colors

The bad

  • Access can be more unwieldy or difficult than less designed cases.

The bottom line

If you're the type of person who likes to accessories everything to nth degree, Vaja has a luxury case for you. Their choice of color is incredible, their designs are sublime, and their product just scream premium. They may not be the most functional accessories or the most practical, but they're not meant to be. They're meant to be just a little decadent.

The only real drawback here is the price. This much luxury has to have a price tag to match, after all. If you all you want is some protection, look elsewhere. Vaja is as much about making a statement.

$220 - Agenda for iPad - Buy now

$115 - LP for iPhone - Buy now

$85 - Lèger for iPhone - Buy now


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