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Updated: NOPE! Verizon Droid X NOT getting 720p to battle iPhone 4 Retina Display?

Verizon has a teaser up for their new, big DROID X which is claiming a 4.3", 720p display (which is usually 1280x720) -- a significant challenge to the iPhone 4's 3.5" 960x640, LED IPS Retina Display.

It's more pixels but it's also a bigger display, so it could net out to the same pixel-per-inch count -- somewhere above the magical 300 mark. It's also teasing HDMI out.

Begun these display density wars have?

UPDATE: Engadget, who had a brief hands on, thinks it might have the same 854 x 480 as the original Droid and Verizon is referring to some video functionality that's 720p. Verizon does say 720p display however, so at the very least it's confusing.

UPDATE 2: Verizon has updated their site to correct the erroneous claim. 720p is video recordin

[Verizon via Android Central]

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • and surprisingly, density is now the new battle ground.
  • Once again, Apple gets trounced in display, provided that is the resolution. Apple seems to be playing catch up these days. There is nothing they currently offer that isn't somewhere else.
  • Same reason I returned the EVO. Too big...
  • @ghostface147 I wouldn't say "nothing"... unibody notebooks are still pretty unique. Simple construction and glass trackpads aren't really found anywhere else. The iPad still stands alone as a mainstream usable tablet and I'm sure this droid will have the standard battery/design/buggy flaws that the newest android phones have... so I'd chalk down reliability as something iPhones have.
  • Display smisplay! I think that the current iPhone display is great. Display will take the way of sound. It eventually gets to the point when the display completely exceeds what the human body is capable of seeing. It becomes a moot point after that. I don't really care about the screen after it becomes so good I can't tell if it got better from the previous iteration. I personally want new features and ideas that don't exceed human ability! Rant = over
  • If Apple doesn't offer what people want, they won't buy the iPhone. Wait sales projections around 9.5 million phones for June Quarter, yeah that's one thing Droid doesn't do.
  • That is nuts. Apple still defaults to 1280x800 on 13 inch MacBooks. It seems like phone makers will be gunning for this years core feature; the retina display. But it isn't one feature that sets the iPhone apart, it is the cohesiveness of the entire system (OS, Apps, Hardware). Everybody knows that specs aren't Apples forte, so why does the competition still tout specs, albeit impressive, as their kill shots? This is the free market as its finest. Competition is great for everybody.
  • Will be too big.
  • These Android phones seem to pop up every three seconds and yet the iPhone continues to beat them because of the quality it delivers. It doesn't matter if the screen is smaller. Most people prefer it that way. I for one would rather have something comfortably in my pocket than having to wear certain types of pants to carry it. It is a phone, it doesn't need to be huge.
  • Nice! But I have a ipad already... I don't need a giant screen next to my ear! They should change the name from "smart phone" to "large phone"........
  • @Dayne: Maybe I should have been more clear. I am strictly talking about how Apple is now catching up to others when it comes to phones. Name me one thing that Apple does on their phone that no one else is doing, display notwithstanding since we don't know for sure what the final resolution is for the Droid X. Yes back when the iPhone first came out it was far ahead, but now it's just catching up. I am not a Droid fan or anything like that, I just prefer that people realize how the iPhone isn't gods gift to the world. Some think it is...
  • @AnotherBrian, I'm not so sure you're correct about people not buying. How long did we all complain about MMS but we still bought iPhones (as well as a ton of other people). People complain about the iPhone not having Flash, yet AT&T and Apple's websites were demolished by pre-order sales. I just had a conversation with a DROID fanatic this morning about why Apple's products are so desirable... because they work.
    Apple does not introduce a feature that kinda works or works sometimes, when they introduce, it works. Take the EVO for example, yah you can use it as a mobile hot spot.. for about an hour and then the battery dies. The video chat is not a pre-programed feature, you have to download 3rd party software to get it to work and people are already complaining about receiving audio and no video or nothing at all.
    So people will continue to buy Apple products because they work. I continue to spend a bit more (which is arguable) for Apple laptops because I bought a Powerbook G4 used 4 years ago and it still works better than most peoples brand new PC's. I bought a MacBook Pro last year and it still runs as good as the day I bought it.
  • @BNV6
  • Watever
  • @ Greg
    Great point, that's pretty much the secret behind Apple's product success.
  • Droids are such ripoffs its ridiculous whatever iPhone does Droid tries to do better but they still come up short the reason Apple is so successful is they make 1 good phone they dont try to make 20 different models of the same phone where a few work and a few dont work that well god Android phones are stupid
  • So, is this one supposed to be the Next iPhone killer ?
    Next iphone killer please ! :))
  • I could never own an android for the simple fact that my phone would always feel dated.. no matter how recently I spent $200 for a brand new phone, next month, a new phone thats even better will be out for the same price.
  • Engadget played with the Droid X prototype two days ago and said it was 854x480. They think Verizon is a little confused and mean 720p output over HDMI.
  • I don't think there is one single phone that can ever be labeled as an "iPhone killer". I mean it took the Evo one week to sell out, and that was only 150,000 phones at best. The iPhone crushed that on the first day of PRE-orders! The only thing I can see crippling the iPhone in the long run is when Android releases their 10,000th phone and Apple is only on their 6th. But then that's just the massive amount of hundreds of Android devices rather than a handful of Apple devices.
  • 720p on a 4.3" screen- that's insane! Bring it on!
  • @Greg Braddock, You must not have read my post right, I am saying Apple is selling like crazy. I was just being a smart butt back to ghostface147, how he said Apple once again gets trounced. And I said Droid Doesn't (you know their slogan Droid Does).
  • Nice phone, kinda big, perfect for emergency movie watching, will it run netflixs?, display was already in the works, and hdmi out? Hmmm interesting........
  • IF this 720P on that size of a screen, Apple had a short time to be amazing because now this retina display is nothing. 720P on this 4.3" screen= 342PPI.
  • @Greg Braddock - nice rebuttal against @AnotherBrian - there's only one problem - re-read his post - he's not disagreeing with you! LOL
  • dont they have enough android phone out ?
  • There will be another Android phone announced for release tomorrow guys. Don't worry! =P
  • @Nick (24): was just going to post the same calculations. 342 PPI is crazy. This is assuming a 1280 x 720 (16:9) 4.3" screen.
  • @AnotherBrian, sorry about that and I didn't mean to sound snappy either, I was just stating what I don't think a lot of people get (not you necessarily). But Alex is right, the Nexus One was supposed to be the iPhone Killer and it turned out to be a big dud! I remember last week when they were saying that the EVO had sold out and my first thought was, "yah, but how many is SOLD OUT?"
    I have a Moto DROID that I can't get rid of fast enough, I managed to weasel my way out of my 2yr commitment with Verizon because I would call them from the DROID and they heard how horrible the voice quality was. Also, the DROID just DOES NOT... I'm sorry. The phone is choppy, the apps suck in comparison to iPhone apps and the only thing DROID does do better is Google Maps and I wonder why...
  • @Nick
    It would not be 342 ppi because if its 4.3'' like the HD2. Then its 67mm horizontally that comes to 2.63 inches. So it would 720/2.63 which is 270 ppi. This is all based off me thinking that it is the same as the HD2.
  • sorry thats 274 ppi
  • @ghostface147 we don't need you to tell us the iPhone isn't Gods gift to the world. We know what's going on around us, some of us just prefer the iPhone. Does Android offer some better features? Yes they do but I trade that off for a phone that I like how smooth the operating system is. If I need the Android features that are missing from the iPhone I will Jailbreak.
  • its actually 330ppi for iphone 4 and 341 for this Droid X
  • @AnotherBrian: Funny how you have to jailbreak to get features others have. Silly.
  • I very much doubt that the display resolution will be 1280×720 pixels. Be able to record or play 720p content and actual screen resolution are 2 different animals. What makes these animals happily co-exist is a technique called scaling.
  • @ Ghostface
    He said "if" and "need." More than likely, that won't really happen.
  • Actually yeah went ahead and redid the calculations since I doubt it will be 16:9 so a 720P screen on that size, I think it might be 1200X720P in which case, it will be 325.45 PPI this stuff is just crazy o.O HD screen on such tiny devices @_@
  • As the update states, this is probably not a 720p screen and the advert is just misleading. It really irritates me when they say things like this, which is clearly misleading and not just marketing blurb (like Apple's "Retina" display). The truth is probably more like it can only output 720p via a dongle to a TV or is powerful enough to scale down 720p videos to playback on the screen.
    Besides which there is no point going beyond the pixel density of the iPhone 4. Apple was correct in stating that someone with 20/20 vision cannot distinguish between the pixels on the new iPhone when held about a foot away from your eyes (i.e. normal usage)
  • Looks like Verizon might not have meant the screen res. Might just be 850x480.
  • I would think it be pretty silly to have both HDMI Output and 720P for being one and the same.
  • whatever the fanboi's say ( apple or android's ) Its good for all.. better phone's more choices
  • I'm still lil new to android, but is there a limit to what resolution Android can use?
  • @ghostface147, think what you think but just remember we don't need you to tell us what phone to get.
  • Oh Lord! Here come those steroid commercials again.
  • you guys are idiots!! First of all the evo is out and it shoots 720p and a front facing camera. There is also a 8 megapixel camera on the back. It is fully customizable and all of that kills the iphone 4 easily so apple fails.
  • you guys are idiots!! First of all the evo is out and it shoots 720p and a front facing camera. There is also a 8 megapixel camera on the back. It is fully customizable and all of that kills the iphone 4 easily so apple fails. So you guys should check ur compition better bc there are phones out right now that kill the iphone 4
  • People still talking specs. You really need to stop because it's all around. That's the same reason the American car business got in so deep they tried to run spec on US consumers when many foreign car companies were just putting out a better all around product. Evo hasn't been out a month and it's on to the next. Maybe one day but not now. I want to really know how Apple is playing catchup because it seems to me that now that Android is putting all this updates out soon they will have to slow done and refine the whole OS. Some of you guys really don't get it.
  • @Greg. That was the best post I have seen and really explains why apple does so well
  • Why do we have to talk about Android on an Iphone blog? Oh, right. Because Rene is constantly sticking his nose into other peoples' pie. For all of you people bitching that "it isn't about the specs" it's basically just another way of saying "I wish Iphone had that." If that were really the case, why would you even bother buying an Iphone 4, which is actually basically a significant upgrade in, oh, I dunno, SPECS? If specs didn't matter, you'd just stick with your original Iphone 3G/3GS and simply continue to upgrade your OS, since you're always bragging about how grand it is. And I won't even bother going into how ridiculous Apples' marketing is. If any of you bought what the promo video said to be true, then yes, you're a marketer's dream.
    What I'm surprised is how Rene didn't post about the Samsung Galaxy S, which is the screen to beat. And the fact that it's coming into AT&T (the Iphone's backyard) should be way more important than the Droid X on a completely different network.
  • Who cares? Android is a BETA OS and has literally ZERO Apps in the App market.
  • They JUST UPDATED IT to Captures 720P it was a mistake.
  • It's been confirmed that I'd doesn't have a 720p screen. It's the same 480 screen as before.
  • Yep, a new Android device every month - literally!
  • yawn
  • With a display that big, why not just get the ipad?
  • A friend of mine who works for the company who makes the screen says it's not 720p. There is a 720p screen in the works for another phone but it's awhile out.
  • Yeah, what a typo, how can you mistake 720P screen, with capture 720P? Ah well.
  • Apple would NEVER release an OS as choppy as android
  • if were gonna say specs dont matter then Retina Displays dont matter, 320 x 240 is ok. He ll throw a 3" screen or even a 2.5'" screen on it. Front facing cameras are trash too, right?? I mean, whoever wanted video calling was just dumb. And who wants to carry a digital camera when you have a phone!!? lets just leave off an led flash because people dont care about that either. and we'll take it back to the 1.3 mp days bc 8 mp is just too much. Oh! and I forgot, lets swap out the high end OMAP processors and the 1Ghz Snapdragons bc performance isn't necessary. Lets just paint a pretty UI and make it fluid...
    let's be real guys, it doesnt work that way. specs are EVERYTHING!! FEATURES... are everything. If they were't then the need to innovate or be better wouldnt be an argument or a consideration. Apple does a good job of selling existing features "better'. and they do a great job at it! when you're CEO..youre product better be the best!! even if that's far from the truth.
  • @Jordan as far as idiots go your still the champ but with a touch of moron. The evo is not as great as you think buddy. The os is slow choppy the battery lasts 4 hours on 4g or not. People are returning them left and right up and down. It a phone that's 5" big? Lol stupid as hell. And also I love when people like you think that the more the mp the better the camera. Maybe you should do some research before yapping your yapper.,39029664,49287527,00.htm
  • Well the screens seem to be getting bigger and bigger on the droids, I saw an ad for the EVO and swore it was an iPad. The stories I've read and videos I've seen about the touch sensor problems make me say what is the use of a 720p screen if your touch only registers on half of it???
  • Tisk, tisk. Stupid Droid. Trying to take away Apples thunder by lying. Verizon you stink.
  • android sucks. why would i get a phone knowing that a new version will be out in like 2 months??
  • auh what fun it is to listen to the fan boys fight. I have a incredible and a iTouch. im on verizon so i dont have much of a choise. but the iphone/itouch is a great and the droids are great also. so someone clue we in to why you guys care so much if your phone is better then another. all i know if when the iphone comes to verizon it will be a tough call trying to decide what phone to go with and thats all becasue there is compition now making all the phones better, win win
  • I technically simply cannot wait around for this phone, just 2 days left and I just hope I could get my hands on one,. I have already been reading a lot about the Google android 2.2 update which will come in August, simply one more reason to be psyched about this wonderful phone. Motorola and Verizon wireless say they will update the phone to Android 2.2 "late summer." It will be an over-the-air update. However out-of-the box on its July 15 launch it will probably have Android 2.1.
  • I have been feeling a minor heat this a . m . from a few people not seeking to consider that the Droid X inventory may be confined on launch day, as we reported before. Well we have just snapped up 5 additional screenshots from 5 quite significant markets as well as I’d point out again in which inventory looks to end up being very minimal to me. A few associated with the major suppliers have upwards of sixty units, but a few may simply have a few items. Now maybe these quantities are preceding typical for a Verizon wireless introduction, nevertheless for a gadget this big, I think I simply thought stores might have tried to have been overstocked.