Updated: NOPE! Verizon Droid X NOT getting 720p to battle iPhone 4 Retina Display?

Verizon has a teaser up for their new, big DROID X which is claiming a 4.3", 720p display (which is usually 1280x720) -- a significant challenge to the iPhone 4's 3.5" 960x640, LED IPS Retina Display.

It's more pixels but it's also a bigger display, so it could net out to the same pixel-per-inch count -- somewhere above the magical 300 mark. It's also teasing HDMI out.

Begun these display density wars have?

UPDATE: Engadget, who had a brief hands on, thinks it might have the same 854 x 480 as the original Droid and Verizon is referring to some video functionality that's 720p. Verizon does say 720p display however, so at the very least it's confusing.

UPDATE 2: Verizon has updated their site to correct the erroneous claim. 720p is video recordin

[Verizon via Android Central]

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