VMware Fusion 12 On Macbook ProSource: VMware

What you need to know

  • VMware announced last month that it was working on a new version of Fusion with Big Sur support.
  • That update, VMware Fusion 12, is now ready to go.
  • Users can download VMware Fusion 12 now.

VMware announced last month that it was working on a new version of Fusion that would support macOS Big Sur and more. That version, VMware Fusion 12, is now available for download.

The software, which allows users to install Windows and other operating systems inside virtual machines on their Mac, now officially supports macOS Big Sur for the first time. It also brings with it some other big new features, including support for eGPUs for those who need to add a little more computational power to their Macs.

Some other big changes include:

  • macOS Big Sur Host and Guest
  • Containers and Kubernetes with 'vctl' and kind
  • DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1
  • eGPU Support
  • Monster VMs – 128GB RAM, 32 vCPU, 8TB Disks, 10 NICs, 8GB Graphics Memory
  • Latest OS Support
  • USB 3.1 Device support
  • Sandboxed Graphics Rendering Engine
  • Improved Accessibility features (Section 508)

VMware is also changing how it charges for Fusion 12, too. Fusion 12 Player is free for personal use, while anyone in need of a commercial license will have to pay $149 for the app. Those with a previous version of Fusion will be able to upgrade for $79, too.

VMware also has Fusion 12 Pro on offer, with features designed for IT pros rather than your average user. Fusion 12 Pro licenses allow the app to be run on up to three machines at the same time. That also includes the use of Workstation 15 as well, software aimed at doing the same job as Fusion 12 but designed to run on Windows and Linux machines. A VMware Pro license runs at $199, with a $99 upgrade fee available for those with an older version.