Waiting in line for iPhone 4? Show us where!

Those early bird pre-order for delivery people had their turn, now it's time for the reservists to stand the line and claim their rightful iPhone 4.

Let us know where you are and go add your photos to the iPhone Forum, we'll grab some and put them up here on the front page.

And if you happen to see Ally, Chad, or Leanna, they have a dozen TiPb shirts each so go say hi and try your luck! If they're going to wait, might as well do some TiPb-ups!

To find out where they -- and all our awesome forum members are going to be -- and to add your pictures, just jump over to this iPhone Forum thread.

If you're bored, check out our checklist of what to do while you wait for iPhone 4. It's full of helpful hints from installing iTunes 9 to backing up your stuff, to getting ready to rock iOS 4.

Pics from TiPb writers and forum members, after the break!

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