Waiting up to pre-order an iPhone 5c? Jump into our iMore forums pajama party! [Updated]

iPhone 5c pre-orders start at midnight on September 13, 2013. Typically that means midnight Cupertino Center-of-the-Universe Time, otherwise known as Pacific Time. Whether it's earlier this year, or the same as last, iMore is going to wait up for it! That's right, we're doing a full on Mobile Nations-style Pajama Party!

So, get your bedclothes on, grab some tasty snacks and a beverage - adult or otherwise! - and join us. We'll chat, we'll have fun, maybe we'll even give away some prizes! Mostly we'll wait for iPhone 5c pre-orders to turn on, and then we'll either let everyone else know what we got, or we'll complain about servers going down! It's really 6 and 5 and pick'em at this point!

Update: Apple Store is down! Getting closer!


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