Watch as three friends recreate Apple's macOS Big Sur Wallpaper in a helicopter

Big Sur Recreation
Big Sur Recreation (Image credit: Andrew Levitt)

What you need to know

  • Last year, three friends recreated the macOS Catalina wallpaper.
  • Now they're back to attempt Big Sur.
  • They had to recruit a helicopter pilot to take them 4000 feet above the Big Sur coast.

Last year, three friends took to flying a drone over Catalina island in an attempt to recreate Apple's macOS wallpaper. Now, they're back to have a crack at Big Sur.

YouTuber Andrew Levitt has posted the recent video in which he and two friends attempt to recreate Apple's macOS Big Sur wallpaper:

With Apple's latest announcement of macOS Big Sur at the WWDC conference in June, Apple gave us a real big challenge to recreate their newest default wallpaper. Apparently Catalina wasn't a hard enough challenge. This year we had to follow the legendary crack marketing team 4000 feet above the Big Sur coast in a helicopter to capture the shot.

The trio's attempt at macOS Catalina involved backpacking/hiking across Catalina island to try and get the same drone shot Apple had achieved. This time, however, flying a drone wouldn't be enough to get the shot, not to mention that it's illegal to fly drones over the coast. Instead, the team hired a helicopter pilot who took them four thousand feet above the Big Sur coastline. Their first attempt was foiled by dense cloud coverage, however second-time round they were able to get the shot, and you have to admit they did a pretty good job.

Apple announced macOS Big sur at WWDC, featuring a big new UI redesign and some very exciting new features.

If you follow the video link, you can find links to the helicopter company the guys used to help get the shot, as well as links to Andrew, Jacob, and Taylor's profile, and a download link to their version of Apple's Big Sur Wallpaper. Great job guys!

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