Weather Line App Store ScreenshotsSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple added widgets to the iOS 14 Home screen.
  • Popular weather app Weather Line has been updated to support them.
  • If you set it up just so, you can create the perfect weather view right on your Home screen.

If there's one type of information that lends itself to being used in an iOS 14 Home screen widget, it's weather data. Weather forecasts are glanceable and you might want to see them without taking time out to find them. So when Weather Line got a new update with widgets, it was always going to be a fun time.

Sure enough, the app doesn't disappoint. There are multiple widgets to choose from and they can all show different kinds of information. If you're particularly cunning you can even create the most perfect weather widget by putting hourly and weekly forecasts into a single stack. Swipe up or down on one and you have instant and easy access to all the weather data you need!

You're welcome.

Widget with 20 themes and smart UI. Our all-in-one widget dynamically adapts to show you what's most important right now – extreme weather, minutely rain graph, AQI, and weather warnings. And choose from 20 themes to match your style.

20 themes! That isn't all, either. If you're a Supercharge member – available via in-app purchase and with additional perks – you can enjoy an air quality index view with a four-day forecast as well.

I was a big fan of Weather Line already and now it has pride of place on my Home screen. You can try it for yourself, for free, by downloading it from the App Store right now.

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