Best answer: Poké Jobs are a new feature that allow in-game corporations and universities to request the help of your Pokémon. By sending them out into the field, the experience will help your Pokémon grow.

What exactly is a Poké Job?

The Pokémon Company has stated multiple times that the Galar region is a place where Pokémon and people work together in society. This feature seems to be an extension of that idea. Corporations and universities within the game can request the help of your Pokémon for odd jobs that need to be done.

The example that the Pokémon Company has provided lists several jobs that need to be performed for the Macro Cosmos Construction company. These jobs range from heavy lifting, help on the farm, help with cooking, and more. You can send them off to the job for a certain amount of time of your choosing (like half a day) as you go on your way to conquer Galar's gym leaders and Pokémon League.

How do I access Poké Jobs?

Poké Jobs can be accessed through every Pokémon Center within the Galar region. A Rotomi can be found next to your Box that will provide the jobs. This Rotomi will also allow you to access your Boxes and the Loto-ID system, which is a lottery system where you can win prizes.

Are Poké Jobs limited to certain Pokémon?

While certain Pokémon types are better suited for specific jobs, it is unclear if the game will prevent you from sending any type out for any job. Obviously, a strong fighting type like Machoke would be well-suited for heavy lifting, but that may not mean you can't send other types out as well. We'll need to wait and see. You will be able to send multiple Pokémon out at once.

What other benefits are there for completing Poké Jobs?

Completing Pokémon jobs will reward your Pokémon with experience points and base points. How much they receive will depend on their types and how long they worked for. You will also be able to receive rare items occasionally.

Will I be unable to access these Pokémon for the duration of a job?

It's unclear if you won't be able to use these Pokémon in battles while they are out doing jobs, but if we took an educated guess that appears to be the case, much like if you were to leave a Pokémon at a day care center. It's also unknown if you will be able to call these Pokémon back before a job is complete, and if there are any repercussions for doing so.

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